21 de fevereiro de 2011

Late at night...it´s when I write.

I have a thing for beautiful girls. It´s a curse. I could have been one of those teenagers which the most important thing to do is focus on how to get to the next level of my strategy video game or how to win the next game on Football Manager (which...I actually won. Take that Leeds United!!). But no, I rather spend some of my time on a computer searching pictures of girls. Not in a perv way. I guess. And hope.
I mostly take a look at sets of pictures of singers and actresses (call me selective) which I liked to see/listen to. Or perfect strangers on fashion blogs (the most recent strange addiction for a 20 years old boy) like this one . I think it´s not the fashion per se but the mix of it (great looks/styles/clothes/accessories) with beautiful girls (of course...but I also like to see men´s fashion on it) and finally photography.

I´ve developed a musical taste which I´ve learned to sum up, among obviously, things outside that, in "British bands and female voices". The thing is there is a strange relation between beauty and my preference for female voices because all of them look gorgeous. That´s what "scientists" should study...this strange correlations! I won´t write names because I don´t want this post to end on the bottom of the page or forget any name.
With this and through time I´ve started to require that the girls I would be interested in would have a certain personality (well...I´m afraid I´m not alone here...). Call me weird (and taking this to the point that lead to this post) but I´d like (prefer?) to meet a girl who reads a magazine which tell her the trends for next Summer rather than gossip or what will happen next week on her favorite soap opera... She can watch soap operas though. See? I´m not that demanding.

So for the last few days I´ve become a fancy (I just use this word because I like how it sounds) boy and start to visit pages such as Vanity Fair or Esquire .

Also, and all this post could really start just on this paragraph instead of revealing the strange myself, I also started to visit The New York Times (NYT) page because let´s be honest...I don´t watch Portuguese newspapers/tv´s talking crap all the time (uuhh look to the fancy boy!)
So, and (finally) for the real purpose of this entry, yesterday I was wondering through the music section of NYT and I found this:

0:42 to 0:55...I fell for her there. It´s a curse.

And you should take a look at NYT article because she is in one of those strange and mysterious stories involving labels and artists.

In fact my next post may involve another interesting music story. Now I´ll only have to wait for the next late night where at 4am I´ll get myself a pen and a piece of paper and write it down. And on the following day I´ll wonder, like I wondered for this entry, if I should post it or keep it to myself...