21 de fevereiro de 2012

Red Face (adj): flushed with embarrassment or anger

Beware...hipsters and indie will be key words on the following post. But don´t worry...this is a blog you probably *cof most certainly cof* nobody heard of, so...away from all the mainstream scene. For now...

If you like to laugh to the expenses of the internet and if you had the luck (or not) of finding something more than cats on that same internet you may have come across a thing called memes.
Of a gazillion memes (check Urban Dictionary for definition...everything there is legit!) existing nowadays some are made to the expenses of hipster stuff. And I loved them. Not so much now...they are too mainstream... Anyway, despite not being an hipster (or...am I?) and laughing at those memes I must say that I enjoy the hipster side of life. Some girls don´t look that bad in vintage clothes and hipster glasses while listening to some music you probably never heard of. And all of that pictures with deep captions [font: Helvetica!] and some Photoshop vintage effect are quite good. And/or fish eye lens. I know...I go to DeviantArt... *hipster alert*

Hipsters particularly like indie music...I think. Ask an hipster... I find the term indie a bit interesting. To me it always meant a band that is independent from the huge [mean!!!] labels. But somehow now is a music genre. Because "alternative" was too mainstream already. One of the biggest fears of hipsters, as you might have noticed already, is something that they found by themselves and love to death to become mainstream. Which I find a bit silly when it comes to music. And one funny thing is hearing hipsters complain nobody likes that cool music they listen to but when suddenly people start to pay attention to them, or [GOD FORBIDS!], that same music is played on a radio or some public place those indie musicians are some sell out bastards! How dare they??! Being famous and having more than 100 albums sold?! Ugh! And those following albums?! All sounding like crap?! That first album and those non-released songs are far cooler than this mainstream stuff!!
I would want the artists I love to be the most successful possible. I´m not saying that the feeling of being part of a small group of people that know a certain artist doesn´t feel special...it does (oh, such an hypocrite this blog writer!), and I´ll give an example of that (yes, we are getting to the main point of all of this thing...it will be worth it) but it would be cool if other people also start to listen and to support that artist. In fact, what´s the point of sharing (even hipsters) our brand new music discoveries if not to introduce and make people listen to our brand new find?

At last it takes me to the point of this post. While wondering on a hipster Youtube channel I found my latest addiction.

I´m not gonna elaborate how much I [platonically] love her. It´s one of those unhealthy addictions.

One last one:

Hope you enjoy it as much as I do. No hipster.

9 de fevereiro de 2012

If You Like...Daniel Radcliffe

If you like Daniel Radcliffe here´s a nice interview of him as only Craig Ferguson knows how to do them.