31 de maio de 2010

It´s Music To Your Ears

Guess who...

aahh foi previsivel...

Review dentro de dias...deste concerto, dos restantes e de todo o Festival.

27 de maio de 2010

O 27 de Maio

Vai ser também uma peregrinação...

Destino: Bela Vista, Lisboa

Snow Patrol



Vou dormir um bocadinho e depois conto o resto.

18 de maio de 2010

It´s Music To Your Ears

Florence is back...in black...and with that hairstyle that has some kind of weird power over me...

I´ve already showed my love for this artiste here in the blog and now here it´s her latest video...to play it loud!

10 de maio de 2010

The Love Thief

Walking down the avenue
Blooming with style
You can see it´s her
You can see by the smile

It´s the hair, it´s the eyes
It´s the face, it´s the look
It´s the one you could stare
Like she was your favourite book

It´s words and emotions
That pop out from her face
Those kind of feelings
That you would love to embrace

But she hides everything
Deep underneath
She´s just another...
Another love thief.

Title inspired by this wonderful book:

Poem´s appreciation. Press one of the buttons.

Lame is my huge crush on Marit Larsen...that´s lame...

It´s Music To Your Ears

It´s Music To Your Ears from this week will be included on a next post to come soon...you´ll see how it will be included. Hope you, my beloved 5 readers of this blog, to like the next post.

9 de maio de 2010


As a NBA fan and after years watching my beloved team - Phoenix Suns - being defeated in all kind of ways be the San Antonio Spurs I have to post this and say congratulations to Goran Dragic...the guy was on fire a day after his birthday...23 points in the 4th quarter is something like Michael Jordan would do...


3 de maio de 2010

It´s Music To Your Ears

Do outro lado do Mundo: Lisa Mitchell

The second single from Lisa Mitchell's debut album 'Wonder', following the massive success in Australia of Coin Laundry, is Clean White Love. 

From Lisa;

Well, Clean White Love is a about the divine clean white light that comes through the shutters with the first hint of the new sun very early in the mornings. It feels a little bit heavenly, and a little bit like being in love. I love getting up early and having hours and hours to dilly-dally about in. I was so startled when we began to play this tune at shows as the audience sang every word with me! We are shooting a video for it over here in the UK on the Isle of White in a weeks time with goddess/video director Vanessa Casswill of 'Coin Laundry' and 'Neopolitan Dreams' direction.

Oh, Hark! Lisa goes dancing and Lisa goes dark!