24 de outubro de 2011

It´s Music To Your Ears

I´ve found Lisa Hannigan probably more than a year ago via cover of one of her songs, beautifully done by this girl , which I already wrote about, here .

So, and without further ado to not lose myself in compliments, here´s Lisa.

16 de outubro de 2011

It´s Music To Your Ears

It´s Laura Jansen and Cary Brothers singing Ryan Adams. Gotta love it!

It´s a cover for this project >> Voice Project Check the other videos there...really cool stuff waiting for a listen.
And yes, those looks to each other during the performance are the most intimist looks you can get from someone. Specially someone you love.

Here´s some words from who recorded the performance that are on a little text besides the video on the site posted above:

"[...] the knowing looks of two people who share a life. Yeah, there's a lot of love in that room, I hope you watch this all the way through and see it/feel it for yourself. After I watched the footage for the first time I just walked outside, I guess to be with the good feeling it gave me, maybe thinking the night air would help it stay with me. It did.
— Hunter"


On a life update: Second year of college started a few weeks ago. Everything going pretty great. Although won´t say the same in a couple of weeks as tests, paper works and presentations make their way through the awesome life of being with great people and attend a couple of classes each day. And afternoon schedules are not as bad as I thought...yes, you do get extremely sleepy in classes after lunch (a brilliant time of the day for a nap) but sleep all morning is quite pleasant too...and with the cold weather ahead nothing sounds better than a warm bed. And I can have my night owl life style.
Bed that I should have where [city] I study. It´s great be at our own bedroom at the end of each day but you miss a bit of the college atmosphere by staying at home and getting on a train every day...specially you miss those 1 or 2 hours that you could be still sleeping but you have to wake up a couple of hours before a class starts to be there on time. Yup, I love to sleep. But what I also mean is that you have to rush for buses and trains instead of just hanging out with your mates a bit more and then walk home and do something at night...
Anyway...I´m learning Italian!

Therefore, arrivederci bambini!