20 de março de 2013


Another late night, another movie watched. I was thinking about writing a tweet that would go something like "I´m not an hipster [am I?] but I´m a sucker for this kind of movies *insert indie movie trailer here*" but I´ve decided for a whole way-more-than-140-characters-blog-post instead.
The webplace where I watch movies, maybe like many other websites out there, has this annoying habit of presenting on their main page movies [in great quality!] that are yet to be released in cinemas here or even in many of the countries that would premiere the movie way earlier than where I live. Although sometimes this is good because some of this movies won´t even get near a wide release or let alone a cinema near me I don´t feel particularly excited tor watch it before the masses or anything like that.

I use to avoid those suggestions, I´ve started to note them down to watch later (in case they premiere on a cinema near me and I watch it for the first time on a proper screen) but the premise for "Something Real and Good" intrigued me.

The story is very simple. Think about a boy and a girl. Thing "Before Sunset/Sunrise", "Lost in Translation", think low-cost, think indie movie, think "Like Crazy". Do not think of breakthrough movie. It´s that I always had this preference for real [fake] stuff in movies. I don´t mind the sci-fi, superhero, special effects, outer space, magic world movie every now and then but I´ve always wanted to watch something real...even if not based in real facts...which most of the times have a lot of additional drama...

I´m sure this movie will get comments saying it was too simple, is full of clichés, has certain details that would not happen in real life (well, it´s a movie...don´t be an asshole like Iran and go around suing movies, ok?) and so on. But, in the end, I think even those smart-asses would like to such story to happen in their lives. I know I wanted. I´m probably thinking now that I would never do what the guy did, that I´m too shy or just not interested...but what if I tried like he did?
I´m aware the writing on tv shows and movies contains tricks so you can relate to the characters and have some connection/see yourself in them but isn´t that what we want? Relate? Let being played by emotions? That´s why we keep watching movies...that wannabe factor, making us a badass for those immediate 30 minutes after leaving the cinema on a action movie, or the conquering guy who gets the girl. Curious that on "Something Real and Good" I related more to the girl. Not going to explore much of it because - spoilers!! - but when she talks about love and nostalgia...again it´s simple/cliché and must be a trick...but boy...it got me on this late night film session (André Film Festival as I call it...damn, how pretentious do I sound on a scale to hipster-pretentious to every-movie-critic?...because every movie critic has "being pretentious" on their skills to get that gig, right?....right?].
And then she had to talk about her grandma too...like I wasn´t already hooked on her character!

Lately I´ve been paying attention to the duration of the movies and if they stretch a lot, are too short or end at the right time...(like a pretentious bastard...I´ve been watching too many reviews on Guardian´s YT channel, I´m sorry) and I feel like this one could go on just a bit more. I think you will understand why. I like the way it ended and if it went for a bit longer than the ~80 minutes it had (or maybe cut some scenes and advance in time more) it would probably end with the same note as it ended... Anyway...I really liked it. Sure many will think there´s nothing like "Before Sunrise" (which is very, very good) but this lame guy won´t grow tired of this stories and they definitely won´t be a waste of time for me. I´m 22, the male-character is 27 years old...maybe one day I´ll get my movie-like over-night-to-be-continued-or-not-flirt. Yeah, I´m lame. I told you so already.

3 de março de 2013

Ricky Rubio

Ricky Rubio´s Advice to Shved when the match was not going well for him and his team:

I´m so lame I have watched this video a gazillion times already.