24 de setembro de 2012

In the Kingdom of Classics?

Can´t really tell what pretentious/hipster feeling had me attracted to this movie for a long time. For some reason since it premiered in the cinemas on the shopping where I used to go for lunch between classes that sepia-toned poster caught my attention.
Unfortunately my cinema-budget was over by that time and, like every other time, I had no one to convince me I really should go watch it or to go watch it with someone...much like Suzy I may be a very troubled child...
Finally it was uploaded on the corner of the Internet where I watch movies.

Another thing was the cast...Bruce Willis, Ed Norton, Bill [F*cking] Murray. And they aren´t even the main characters. Speaking of which...man, this kids are talented nowadays!
I believe one of the reasons this movie clicks with many people (that IMDB rating is looking good) is, besides all the good direction/filmography/photography, the story happening in a simple time - 1965. I think everyone who happened to live in an era pre-Internet can easily get the appeal - and nostalgia - of such times. And if to that you add a first love romance I believe you get a winning formula. More if you do it in a quirky, different, funny way.
Of course you will have some moments during the movie where we will wonder that such thing will never happen in real life. But, unless you were 13 around the 1960s, bury those thoughts and enjoy. You will ever know what Scouts and troubled children did back then... There weren´t any forums or pages full of memes and lolcats to spend your free time like nowadays.

Concluding, since I´m rubbish at reviewing movies, consider this post as a recommendation. You won´t regret. Or you will call me a hipster...but then I ask...what kind of bird are you?


This video might also have helped in building expectations for this movie. At 2:30 Lisa Hannigan does a lovely cover of the song in the trailer. And I´ve listened to it countless times because the story Lisa Hannigan tells during those two and a half minutes is hilarious!

18 de setembro de 2012

Late night wondering

Ugh, look at this blog...so abandoned *sad emoticon*

I blame Tumblr. Mostly because I´ve got one . Press Reblog on a image you like is way easier than get out of bed when you´re trying to fall asleep to write the awesome (or just weird) ideas that came up to your head.

Anyway blog, I haven´t forgotten you and here´s an update. One of the weird ones.

Was wondering through Wikipedia´s entry for Iceland...it´s just like a short fairy tale. Look:

- Volcanically and geologically active. Plenty of glaciers and lava fields. And fjords.

- 14th most developed country.

- Despite its extreme latitude it´s not as cold as some countries in a similar latitude.

- The only native land mammal when humans arrived there was the Arctic Fox. They look like this .

- Their biggest city - and capital - Reykjavík has as many people as my hometown...and I´m a small town boy.

- Portugal is the 10th country with more foreign people living in Iceland. We are everywhere. And in good number.

- Highest number of bookstores per capita in the world.

- 10% of the population will publish a book. This is 10% of...319,575 people.

- Music from Iceland: Björk, Sigur Rós, Of Monsters and Men...and Emilíana Torrini (whoa, she isn´t Italian?! I was wrong all this time!)

- For its size, football (women) and handball (both) are quite good.

- Rather than using family names, Icelanders use patronymics and matronymics. e.g. Elísabet Jóndottir ("Elisabet, Jon´s daughter") / Ólafur Katrínarson (Ólafur, Katrín´s son")