7 de julho de 2013


Apologies dear blog. I´ve been very inconsiderate towards you. I checked and this is the third I went a month without posting...even if it was only a music video (aka lazy post) Forgive me. Here´s...well...a lazy post. But an awesome one!

After listening to the studio version of this song a long time ago I searched for a live one to see how this song would sound on stage. Took a long time for one pro-shot version to appear. But it does not disappoint. Definitely helped this song to become one of my all time favourites (uh...big words!).
I don´t know what it is but Susanne has something...something that makes me wish I could meet her for chat. Also to clarify something she said on an interview about Kate Bush...don´t question such lady, Susanne...I wanna like, both, your music and personality! So keep on being cool.