21 de setembro de 2013


As always, plenty of ideas for posts came to my head but lazy me failed to actually post them here. I have a good excuse this time. Got a job that keeps my hands (and head) very, very busy. And truth is I´m building up a post on my head for more than a month already…and when posted (it´s not this one) it will look like a mess despite all of that time in the oven…if you are a 20-something kid on that university > work + not being a kid anymore > grown up limbo you will understand it.

When I was young, around 7/8 years old, the circle of life was easy to understand to my very naïve mind. 1) You live 2) You die 3) when 2) happens you are immediately born again in some random part of the world with no memory of a past life but yet it was still, somehow, you.
Naïve, I know. Still…I´m quite sure you can´t tell me exactly what happens when we die so who knows if it isn´t this that *actually* happens? AH! Who´s naïve now?? (Still me, I know)
But…how awesome would it be? Sure you could end up in crappy places with a crappy life (although my greedy mind always thinks I would be born in middle-class households) but one of my earliest and favorites impossible fantasies I remember having is to be born and grow up in a different country of the world every time your life (lives) would come to an end. Trying to explain it: I was born in Portugal and grew up here. I was raised and act according to costumes/habits that are associated with the place I was born, the city, the region, the country, etc. Happens that, as all of us, I imagine, I´ve always felt attracted to other parts of the world. In my case the Nordic countries and Australia/New Zealand are on top. And I would like to be born in those places (having always the memories of a past life with me) and see if what attracts me in them lives up to the expectations. Also, having the memories of past lives I could compare which place would be better.

You might argue that “Well, you can, on the one and only life you have, move to those places and see all you mentioned above” but my idea is that you would be raised and grow up on those places acquiring the costumes that very own place has and thus have an identity you don´t get when you are born in another place.
Another example: You, as well as me (if you are a 90s/millennium person that watched lots of tv), were and are flooded with American culture references. Movies, shows, news, etc etc. Tell me you never wondered how it would be like to go to *the high school*. Go to those home comings, balls, parties and all those shenanigans the word high school + America brings you to mind. Those huge university campus. The drive ins. The house in the suburbs. The NBA, NFL, NHL games. Get my idea? And, obviously being USA a big place, in my fantasy you would born more than once in the States, in different parts of the country!
It´s sort of silly, I´m aware…and I also had too much free time going up to think in silly fantasies… But that´s what blogs are for, right? Silly thoughts and opinions.