29 de abril de 2011

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I tried to type a title. Unfortunately I did that while watching the following videos.

We already knew Santa Claus was from Finland but nobody told us princesses come from there too. Holy beauty!!


On the princesses subject: katemiddletonforthewin.tumblr.com

Meanwhile I call dibs on Princess Beatrice on the right.

My next post will also feature a princess. The best one. True story.

27 de abril de 2011

It´s Music To Your Ears

I thought you´d like a new version
She did it while in a festival
It has a pretty edition
and a gigantic microphone

Found here

20 de abril de 2011

It´s Music To Your Ears - Stop Motion style

I´m sure you have came across this (pretty awesome) animation technique before but here´s two of my favourite musical Stop Motion videos.

Found somewhere on this wonderfully written blog.

And this one starring, the more than lovely, Alison Sudol. Who? Oh...sorry, A Fine Frenzy. She might respond more often to that name.

Enjoy! And if you have some video of this kind to share be my guest!

4 de abril de 2011

I wrote "boobs". Three times. Therefore...über interesting post!

If you follow me on Twitter you might have noticed I´ve mentioned a Dutch name a few times over the last weeks. Probably way too many times. I´m one of those persons with crushes on another people and Laura Jansen is the latest one. Not that I have many. It´s just her and another singer I also might have mentioned a lot on that same Twitter account.

Now to the statement any British tabloid would love to have on their front pages and that - perhaps - explains the crushes thingy: I´ve never had a girlfriend. I guess. I´m sure I´ve been in love before though. I´m pretty sure I let her know about that. And I´m definitely sure I got a negative reply. Life goes on.

Not that I blame her. I blame myself. Being shy, not being a jerk (Hey...have you learned your lesson?) and not being handsome (just a little bit) helps to put me on the just friends list. So, and being a perfectionist bastard - not self-destruction...I just use sarcasm for comedy effects. Did it work?...Nevermind then - I chose utterly cute/beautiful girls to have a crush on. Wouldn´t make sense the other way around right?

You can think I like Marit Larsen´s music because of her looks and the same goes for Laura. It just happens that I enjoy listen to female voices and happens that those two check for "utterly cute/beautiful girls". And as an avid fan I try to know of them besides looks and cool music. Fans try in someway "humanize" artists they like. And nowadays that´s rather easy in this social networking World we live on. Therefore when on a live stream of a concert you hear Laura say that if she could she would have seven or eight disabled/rejected dogs you know she´s a cool girl. Me being a dog-person also helps.

With this I see myself getting married (Damn. I´m such a Ted Mosby - yay for HIMYM reference!) with such a good person. I don´t care about boobs. Or asses. See? We are not all the same. Well...I do notice that from time to time but when I see a face like Laura or Marit I can´t help it...I melt a tiny bit. It´s lame but I don´t *words*. I prefer any of them over Katy Perry and her boobs. Call it what you want. I call it preferences. And yes *more words* .

P.S. With this post the owner of the blog do not aim to make that any girl that does not look like Marit or Laura to not get even near him or show any interest. Like that would ever happen. The owner of this blog does not like to think he gives a wrong idea about his...well...ideas...and personality. Feel free to meet the owner of this awesome blog. You too girls with big boobs!