29 de junho de 2011

Summer on the grass

Or not so much.

Sabine is adorable. Always smiling. A sympathy that hides her threatening serve and forehand!
Semi finals for her next Thursday!

Oh yeah...tennis fan over here!

20 de junho de 2011

It´s Music To Your Ears

Oh...Hey there! You are perhaps thinking this blog is not being updated as it was a couple of months ago because the owner is now very worried with his final exams of the first year of the degree is engaged in and he is also probably looking for a Summer job to get some money...and something to do instead just good life. You might be also thinking "WTF am I doing in this blog?!", which is clearly a valid piece of thinking too.

Truth is that I´m not only procrastinating the exams + search of a Summer job but also procrastinating when it comes to this blog. Do I have random ideas/thoughts to post here? Yes. Those ideas appear late at night when I´m not really thinking in seat down and write them here? Most of the times. Do I remember what I was thinking to post here when I´m actually on the mood to seat down and write? Most of the times, no.

So to cover up here´s another music video to make this blog look like a really interesting one and that the owner makes all the efforts to keep it slightly updated.

One of the first female singers which work I started to follow with more attention. And there´s no Like button for this girl with a charismatic British accent. Either you love her or hate her. And despite the, now weird haircut, I love her. She can write the most shallow lyrics (and that´s her speciality) but she makes them sounds fantastic in a non-awkward way that a first attentive listen to the lyrics would suggest. She´s in fact the creator of the only song I can play in a guitar. Last but not least she looks like a great person and we can note that in the shallow/awesome lyrics. Enjoy!

9 de junho de 2011

It´s Music To Your Ears

My latest discovery:

And after seeing some videos and photos of her performing live I´ve placed her on the top of my must see concerts list.
And it´s funny how her speaking voice sounds lovely. And how she looks utterly lovely too.

*UPDATE* Well, well, well

Sounds like a nice way to end Summer holidays. On a venue that couldn´t be more perfect for her in my opinion and that I´m looking forward to visit for the first time. Hope this one would not be, yet again, one of those I eager to go and fail.
I´m in fact saving money for this kind of events but always saving it to artists that might even not come to Portugal let alone the city Porto and ending in not going to any at all. So from now on let´s take one at a time and if for some awesome reason the other I eager to watch visit this sunny place I´ll make the possible [and impossible] to attend.

7 de junho de 2011

*Le Website*

Some say I like Marit Larsen.

Thus when invited to be partner on a fan website regarding her work I couldn´t say no.
Here it is:

And in a couple of months we had more than 1500 visits already! This when Marit is taking a quite long break from the success of her last album! So we´re glad we are doing a great job [apparently].