18 de maio de 2013

It´s Music To Your Ears

This is why I adore Youtube

This video is 17 years old... And this song is just... If there´s a song worth checking its meaning it´s this one.

17 de maio de 2013

Review - Mumford & Sons - Coliseu de Lisboa

I come very late for this review. Mainly because there won´t be any review. I know my reviews are biased based on I only go to concerts which artists I enjoy listening. But when it comes to this one it´s hard to do one while I´ve been singing and jumping all concert. Massive show. Go watch them if you can is a valid cliché to apply in this case.

Kudos to Jesse Quin (member of Keane) and Deap Vally for the opening acts (and later participation on M&S songs). Well chosen.