7 de maio de 2011

Olá Finlândia!

It´s not the post I´ve promised with the best princess but it´s a good one. Well...depends a bit of how you approach the scenario...

You´re probably not aware if you aren´t in Portugal, not paying attention to global economic markets or...in Finland specifically.

The story goes like this...I´m going to make this quite short for a better understanding:

Portugal is [almost] broke. Therefore we asked for international help mainly from the International Monetary Fund (IMF). But also from European Union and the European Central Bank. To this institutions lend us money (a mere 78 billion Euros...) all the countries must agree because they all contribute with an amount of that mere figure.
Finland had elections a few weeks ago. A party that does not particularly like countries that are irresponsible on how they handle money (can we blame them?) got a fancy amount of votes so they think they shouldn´t lend us money. So dear members of that party included in a country on a thing called European Union. Here´s a video for you.

You´re welcome for 1940.

And you will get your money back.

No hard feelings. We apologize for our governments decisions. And there´s no pun intended on the video. It´s worth for mostly for the humour. Even if you don´t get it. And lift our moral up.