28 de janeiro de 2010

We Love Maths

A post about a relationship...interesting. A post about my relationship with maths...not so much.

Why did you let me down maths? We´ve been so happy! I´ve gave you all the attention that you needed! I never changed! Altough you´ve changed...maybe all of us need a change every now and then...
I met you in the supermarket corridors impressed in journals. My grandma (the best one in the world) introduced us...just like introduced me the abc and how to write my name. She wanted to assure herself that I would go to school knowing how to write my name and how to deal with you maths, despite the fact of never being in a kindergaten (the cause of the shy/cheesy personality I´m afraid...).

We were perfect in primary school! Doing great through 5/6/7/8th grade...then 45/100 in a 9th grade test! What the hell maths?! Maybe you´re just angry and you turned the back on me for a moment. We´ve been happy right?

Now I had to choose: maths or no maths? I chose you maths. Promising more attention...you seem different...you don´t, only, need homework and staring at similar exercises that a test would have...you need more attention, more practicing.

12/20 in 10th grade...cool! Even with >14/20 in the other subjects; 8/20 in 11th grade...what´s happening? Well...8 was enough to be in 12th grade...I think you just need (even) more attention. 12th grade first test: 3/20...Damn, when I went down I went to the bottom! In something that I´ll later find that´s the easiest maths stuff in this 3 years. I was confused. Let´s end with maths tests, continue with the great grades in the others subjects and do the final maths exam in the end of the year. 1st chance: 8 point something/20; 2nd chance: 7 point something/20
F*$#! I failed! I promised my grandma (the best in the world...I already said that right?): "I´ll not miss a school year" and I failed!

Everyone deserves a second chance...new class, known colleagues tho...I must say it was a not so bad year...great persons in my class with whom I went to a fantastic trip to Belgium (to the wonderful girls who organised it, thanks!).
12/20...I needed the final exam tho...and I failed. I went to the bottom and not happy I dig deeper.
Math classes at night...exam in January. Went to book it a few days ago...rrrrrrhhhh...the usual vibration noise on the phone..."you´re done with maths...you just need to pass a Geography exam"; For a second I regret going twice a week to maths classes for over 2 months, but the company in classes was good so in the next second I jumped, I sang some songs aaand I think I ran towards nowhere inside my house. So I´m done. I just need Geography exam...hopefully with something like 16/20...but more would be perfect!
C´mon André, deliver!

P.S. After writing this I did some...yeah, maths and if I have 16/20 in Geography exam I have the EXACTLY same note of the last person going to the course that I want to go at the university that I want to go...what were the odds?! Well...you do the maths!!

25 de janeiro de 2010

It´s Music To Your Ears

I don´t hear, or even know many french bands but here´s one.

This one is from their fourth studio album, Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, a very nice album that I reccomend.

18 de janeiro de 2010

It´s Music To Your Ears

Monday...toughest day of the week for many. To help those that think like that I´ll start this thing called "It´s Music To Your Ears". Every Monday, one music video.

I´ll start with one of the best songs I´ve ever heard with some of the best amazing performances live I´ve seen on youtube.

It´s so good that the girls in the first row just got their faces melted...

You can press "More From: LaBlogotheque" and watch the other brilliant edited concert videos.

2 de janeiro de 2010

Your opinion won´t change me!

Ouch...a bit offensive the first title of the year han? I´ll try to explain it during this post where I´ll wander around some things. First say that I´m a perfectionist person so if you read some huge english mistake in this post let me know.

The title and the idea of this post came from here http://peaceofanaleigh.blogspot.com/ The authouress is an inspiration. Well, I said in the last time I wrote here you would need some background of the person to enjoy the blog to the fullest so I´m gonna make your job easier...because she deserves.

Analeigh was the second-runner up in Cycle 11 of America's Next Top Model, (and yes I do watch this and boys can watch this --oh...the title...; -yeah! Ah and I think a girl looks more chic with Winter clothes than in Summer clothes; -You´re gay! ahah; -I am not. --okay enough with the title already); and she´s unique. Not only for her beauty, because being beautiful is a big help to be on the contest, but mostly for her personality. What would you expect from 13 girls in a house competing for a "dream-contest"? The usual right....fights and an competitive atmosphere. Well...not for her. Sure she wanted to win but that doesn´t mean that she can´t have true friends in the house...ones that you would keep after the show (it´s the case), ones that you´ll avoid them to do stupid things such as over-drinking. Yes, you think...Oh I would do that to...well...I wanna believe you but I would wait and see...I think the competition, prizes and today´s egoism would win over you. And let´s be honest what´s your opinion about models? Stupid; Dumbs; Lack of culture; Party girls; etc, etc...
First: Stop judging people before you meet them! Second: Not this one. She´s a next door, former figure skater, with the film-making dream in her head and who knows a book, girl with a loveable personality as you can see here http://peaceofanaleigh.blogspot.com/2009/04/immersion-in-emerson.html

She´s maybe one of the most genuinely persons in the world...and that´s what one of the things that inspires me...she´s the one you would want as a friend; yeah I´m a boy I should say "as a girlfriend" right? But let´s stop daydreaming!...a girl like Analeigh just as a friend would be perfect, because as a girl that I knew in a contest and found her blog is already good; knowing that persons like her still exist nowadays (and this "nowadays" means today´s society in developed countries; such a great subject for another post) makes me wanna go out I find a person like her because if she´s 1 in 100 or 1 in 1000 or 1 in 1 MILLION the other ones must be out there! I´m running out of words (which is good in this case...and it´s sooo late)

To finish; I did some maths (and I really have to end with maths this year!) and if I´m not mistaken (probably it´s a higher number) I spent around 300€ in music last year (that includes albuns, concerts, trips, food, merchandising)...WORTH IT! Looking forward to what 2010 bring to us...well Muse for 58€ in Rock in Rio...a bit expensive...

So as a music lover as you can read and see in my blog I´ll leave you with a song. I know I should start the year with a happy song but...that´s not the case...and here it comes another link for the wonderful blog cause was there that I found this.

Where I found/lyrics: http://peaceofanaleigh.blogspot.com/2009/03/music-through-window.html
Too many links I guess...she looks beautiful in the pics (Yes, I said that to you copy the link and see the lyrics on her blog)

Sad song...with a nice upbeat. A versatile one; even more with a video like that...I wonder how many photos they took...

But... Is there a point to being a slipper but you are alone, with no other slipper to the pair?
Is there a point of being violoncello if don´t get out of your case?
Is there a point to being a girl alone, with no one to love...no one to share life with?

Yeah...It´s my point of view of the song...but I love the name of the song and this verses:

Soon she´s down the stairs
Her morning elegance she wears
The sound of water makes her dream
Awoken by a cloud of steam
She pours a daydream in a cup
A spoon of sugar sweetens up


The thunder makes her contemplate
She hears a noise behind the gate
Perhaps a letter with a dove
Perhaps a stranger she could love

Maybe I´ll write more here this year...we´ll see.

Thanks for your time!