21 de dezembro de 2010

All I want for Christmas

For a lame title a lame post. I like to be coherent.

Unfortunately due to the fact that I won´t, despite being a good boy all year long, get the only present, and note that I just asked for ONE present, I had to go for the second choices whom are kinda related to the Norwegian cuteness. Yes, I´m improving my album/dvd collection. Amazon says thanks.

The only thing certain in the basket is The Corrs - Unplugged dvd because would be shameless this long time Corrs fan not to have this. Then I perhaps also order Fiona Apple - When The Pawn, Bon Iver´s debut album and Tired Pony first and perhaps last album. I have to check prices because financial crisis is a *bleep* (and can lead me to change the "Ocupation" category on my social networks next year) and I can´t spend much...although Fiona´s album can be bought for...0,01£. Got to love the Internet.

So for all of you: Merry Christmas! Have a blast and enjoy it with your family if possible. As for me I will sure do it. And eat like there´s no tomorrow.

26 de novembro de 2010

It´s Music To Your Ears

I decided to help our friends from Ireland, who like us are going through an economic crisis with an impressive 32%(!!) deficit...still they have a minimum wage that pays 8,65€ per hour to an adult worker...what the hell dudes?!, so I´m gonna order this for me in a few weeks to Christmas...as a matter of fact it´s kinda shameful not having this DVD yet...

Most talented family in the music world. Hands down.

13 de novembro de 2010

Stand Out Qualities

As a music lover, and I think I can speak for all of us on the following subject, one of the things we like to do is know more from the person, or group of persons, that can move you with a melody and some lyrics in a three and a half minutes timespace. Whether if it´s by tv, radio or reading a magazine you will build an image based in what was said in the interviews and/or actions you take from them. Often that image can be far off, often can be very different from another person who got the exact same "data" and also came up with a certain image.
With this I wanna transcript a DVD finale from a singer that you might have noticed that I quite like her.

"When you write songs you really only feel that you´re worth anything when you just finished a song. All the other days of the year I don´t feel like a songwritter. I´m convinced that I just wrote my last song and it´s never gonna happen again. It´s hard, you only have a very...this sounds so bland, but it´s so very true, you only have a limited amount of notes. You´re trying to make something really unique and you only have these very limited tools that you can use. So sometimes I´m convinced that I´m never gonna be able to do it again, and it keeps me on the ground...keeps me humble. Because I only worth as much as my last song. That´s the way it goes." Marit Larsen

8 de novembro de 2010

It´s Music To Your Ears

On a random tweet saying that I had to be a political science expert for tomorrow´s test someone replied me with a random tweet too...with a link to this:

Maybe I was living under a rock but this guy is around for ages and I only knew a cover of Wonderwall from him.

I will definitely search more, and I already took a listen to one of his albums in a store, but I´m already stuck to this one:

So damn good!

And guess who sings "When The Stars Go Blue"? Yup...Ryan Adams.


This week is "texts week" so lots to study (I don´t even remember what´s that already) but in the end of the week (and oh...am I looking forward to that!) I´ll post a weird text that I wrote and finally come back to the reading of Paul Auster´s The New York Trilogy!

18 de outubro de 2010

It´s Music To Your Ears

I´m almost sure that I already talked about this girl here. But looking at the clock (it´s 3:20am...I have to catch a train in...4 hours; Yes I´m a bad boy. Not really...I just don´t know how to wake up soon in a Sunday) I´m not really in the mood of checking it and even if I already talked about her...I´d mention her again because...well...I´ll show you:

I could listen to her all day long. I´m just as sceptic as one of the highest rated comments you can find in one of the videos. "Do girls like you actually exist?" I guess they do.

Have a nice week.

29 de setembro de 2010

Do you want the truth or something beautiful?

I like to be creative in my post titles - or at least I try - but this time I chose a song title and yes, it´s from my latest music discover.
Summer is over. Well, not if you live down under in the southern hemisphere. If that´s the case I must warn you that you live upside down.

Was a good Summer - hottest in 49 years...they say - I got a mighty regular job, with the respective mighty good salary. I finally got in college, despite not being as excited as I was in the years where I failed my application, perhaps because this year I knew since January I wouldn´t have problems getting in. The only stressful thing was if I could get in where I wanted...and kudos to me! Last but not least, as a music lover, I couldn´t be happier because I found some amazing talents, being Paloma Faith the last one in the very last day of Summer, and I can finally buy albums on the internet.

Summer is over and looks like good times went away too...at least for this week (meaning last week from this date). I´m writing this in one of several train rides I got in today. I´m gonna tell you something: this country is über-burocratic (über is my new favorite word). My uni thought that having already all the necessary data for transportation purposes in a paper instead filling a blank page was a good idea; the guys from the bus/train companies thought otherwise and had the normal reaction seing that the papers weren´t like the ones last year: they panic and they demand the old ones!

Before all this mess and money spent in trains Sunday I got the news that Katie Melua postponed her whole tour. She was starting here in Portugal in a couple of weeks, tickets were almost sold out weeks before the concert - I have mine for months and now I read that it will have to wait more six months until gets useful. I was really looking forward to it, even more now to distress from all this new life with college and this happened.

This way I want something beautiful so I´ll just close my eyes and make believe...just like I usually do.

Post title: Paloma Faith.

Mail Box

This is what the mail man has been delivering for the past 4 weeks. Diane Birch was already mentioned so I´ll start with the other girl with pretty hair.

I thought that I´ve also bought her first album (Under The Surface - 2006), but this newbie notice that he ordered the single re-launch (2009)...At least it was cheap and has a cool picture on the cover.

Then I also found this...

Never heard of it (guess Germany, who loves Marit, has the exclusive) but I HAD/MUST to order. And, yes, I´ve watched it a few times by now...she´s so damn talented (try read the lyrics without music...she´s always saying that she fools people with sad lyrics in "bubbly" melodies...and it´s true), also bloody cute and funny - watch Don´t Save Me videoclip making of.

Last, a huge guilty pleasure covered with the excuse this was also a present for my younger sister.

Saw some interviews of her, as I usually do with artists I like, and she´s awesome (read with an aussie accent) and very creative.

The wish list is gigantic. I´ll keep it strict to Tired Pony´s album.
P.S.: Take a listen to this artists: Paloma Faith (Live from Abbey Road), Hurts and Coeur de Pirate...I promise you French never sound so good.

6 de setembro de 2010

Kid + Toy = Joy

I will probably sound like a n00b, but who cares? I just found one of many corners of that World of the Wide Web. The story goes like this:

If you look a couple a posts under you will notice that I got myself a brand new music love. The way I found her was quite lucky... The story inside the story goes like this:
On youtube I found guy that uploads the entire episodes of an American talk-show hosted by Craig Ferguson - The Late Late Show. For example, tonight I´ll watch yesterday´s episode. At weekends, like there´s no show, he usually uploads "old" episodes in HD. So, exactly in one of those episodes there was a music act...quite rare on the show because as the name might indicate it´s broadcasted quite late at night. After a funny intro, camera turns on the artist and...oh she has that haircut with whom I got some kind of fetish. Then she starts to sing...wow...just wow. Her name is Diane Birch.

Next step...google her. Found that she´s a new artist with just one album released. Album that after one listen I decided that I must have.
Problem: I certainly won´t find it on portuguese stores.
Solution: Internet.
Problem (part 2): No credit card.

I thought going to the store and ask if they could order that for me (most certainly not...) and I would pay after. Then I found a solution, one that I´ve already heard before. With your debit card you can do a temporary card to buy stuff on the Internet.
Problem (part 3): Went to a couple of ATMs to activate the system and there wasn´t that option. I thought...that´s it. No album for the kid.

For some weird reason I decided go to Amazon.com . Just to see what would be needed to buy stuff there. And jackpot! I could use my debit card just giving the data that the thing has on it. As simple as that...didn´t saw that coming.
Sign in, look up for the goodies (aka music albums) and noticed that buy there will be considerably cheapest than buy...on the store near my house, even if it comes from the other side of the Atlantic. Well...this one I saw coming. Now I´m still exploring my new toy. Bible Belt from D. Birch is already here and as a birthday gift to myself more three goodies are coming (info on the goodies on the next post).

Oh, and don´t trust in Amazon deliver dates. In a good way. I think those marketing people told them to tell people the products will arrive weeks or a month later, and when you notice you got a goodie on your mail just a few days after the order (at least with music albums).

P.S.: Speaking in mail...a letter can beat a car! - This P.S. is related to that great show called Top Gear...Yes, I like cars...I´m a man...despite the doubtful music choices that you´ll see on the next post...and enjoying Ferguson gay impersonations on his shows...that man is funny!)

9 de agosto de 2010

It´s Music To Your Ears com história (2)

Yes, I know, I know...the lack of posts went on for more a couple of weeks...yeah...come blame the boy who got a proper job and is under ridiculously hot temperatures for...I don´t know...ages?!
Actually today I saw clouds in the sky for the first time in that ages period of time that I mentioned. Anyway we still had more than 35ºC...go figure.
And it will continue at least(!) until August 16th. So the only thing we can expect to see in the sky for the next week is more smoke from the bloody fires *sad face*

Oh the next week. Remember the proper job thingy? So this next week (yes the one with more ridiculously hot temperatures) I have a deadline to accomplish. That means a lot of clothes to pack and probably also a lot of extra hours to work...at least Friday (included) holidays have their beginning.

And what´s better than that thing that I love that (I use "that" too much, I´m sorry) is find a new musical artist? (Also tomorrow it´s payday so...other reason to start the hard work week in a good mood)

About the new artist: I was watching the Late Late Show with Craig Fergunson (some channel in Portugal should broadcast him...instead of soap operas) and there she was.

...I don´t even know what videos to choose. I´m in love. And it´s not only the haircut...which is the one that has some kind of power over my shy person.

Her name is Diane Birch.

She also performed this one at Jools Holland (I assure it´s worth watching) but I think the official video is something that deserves to be appreciated.

Hard work week? Bring it!

14 de julho de 2010

It´s Music To Your Ears

Sorry for the lack of posts...blame this event:

Other version...

Well...was a great football month...Congratulations Spain!

I´ll now try to come back with regular posts. Will try my best now that I have a "job", uni application, Summertime...

31 de maio de 2010

It´s Music To Your Ears

Guess who...

aahh foi previsivel...

Review dentro de dias...deste concerto, dos restantes e de todo o Festival.

27 de maio de 2010

O 27 de Maio

Vai ser também uma peregrinação...

Destino: Bela Vista, Lisboa

Snow Patrol



Vou dormir um bocadinho e depois conto o resto.

18 de maio de 2010

It´s Music To Your Ears

Florence is back...in black...and with that hairstyle that has some kind of weird power over me...

I´ve already showed my love for this artiste here in the blog and now here it´s her latest video...to play it loud!

10 de maio de 2010

The Love Thief

Walking down the avenue
Blooming with style
You can see it´s her
You can see by the smile

It´s the hair, it´s the eyes
It´s the face, it´s the look
It´s the one you could stare
Like she was your favourite book

It´s words and emotions
That pop out from her face
Those kind of feelings
That you would love to embrace

But she hides everything
Deep underneath
She´s just another...
Another love thief.

Title inspired by this wonderful book:

Poem´s appreciation. Press one of the buttons.

Lame is my huge crush on Marit Larsen...that´s lame...

It´s Music To Your Ears

It´s Music To Your Ears from this week will be included on a next post to come soon...you´ll see how it will be included. Hope you, my beloved 5 readers of this blog, to like the next post.

9 de maio de 2010


As a NBA fan and after years watching my beloved team - Phoenix Suns - being defeated in all kind of ways be the San Antonio Spurs I have to post this and say congratulations to Goran Dragic...the guy was on fire a day after his birthday...23 points in the 4th quarter is something like Michael Jordan would do...


3 de maio de 2010

It´s Music To Your Ears

Do outro lado do Mundo: Lisa Mitchell

The second single from Lisa Mitchell's debut album 'Wonder', following the massive success in Australia of Coin Laundry, is Clean White Love. 

From Lisa;

Well, Clean White Love is a about the divine clean white light that comes through the shutters with the first hint of the new sun very early in the mornings. It feels a little bit heavenly, and a little bit like being in love. I love getting up early and having hours and hours to dilly-dally about in. I was so startled when we began to play this tune at shows as the audience sang every word with me! We are shooting a video for it over here in the UK on the Isle of White in a weeks time with goddess/video director Vanessa Casswill of 'Coin Laundry' and 'Neopolitan Dreams' direction.

Oh, Hark! Lisa goes dancing and Lisa goes dark!

27 de abril de 2010

It´s Music To Your Ears

Alguém que os canadianos se esqueceram de convidar para atuar nas cerimónias de abertura/fecho dos Jogos Olimpicos de Inverno em Vancouver.

21 de abril de 2010

Não é(são) o(s) país(es) das Maravilhas

Desde que fui à Bélgica há cerca de ano, especialmente a Antuérpia, fiquei fascinado pela cultura do uso da bicicleta que por lá existe. Não fazia ideia que a bicicleta era muito usada por lá, ao contrário do que já sabia do outro país baixo seu vizinho, e depois vim surpreendentemente a descobrir quem nem Bélgica nem a velocipédica Holanda, têm a classe de Copenhaga.

Vejam se não tenho razão:

Como diz o título não há aqui nenhum país, mais concretamente cidade, fantasista. No blog do link não é retratado um "dia especial" em que todos se vestem bem e escolhem a bicicleta para ir do ponto A ao ponto B. Eles vestem-se de forma casual todos os dias e andam nas suas bicicletas quer se dirijam para as escolas, para o trabalho, quer esteja a nevar, quer estejam no mês de Agosto com um sol radioso.
Podem reparar nos posts mais abaixo desse mesmo blog como as mulheres não têm qualquer problema em levar os seus sapatos de salto alto enquanto fazem os seus percursos nas suas stylist city bycicles.
E enganem-se se isto só se passa nestes países referidos! A cultura do uso da bicicleta para deslocações curtas (ou não) está a crescer e pode ser vista nas mais variadas cidades desde França à Polónia, passando pela Itália sem esquecer países nórdicos e bálticos. E a mesma tem os seus benefícios...desde o óbvio aspecto ambiental até à saúde de quem está em cima da dita bicicleta.
Por cá prefere-se o carro...nem que seja para ir comprar um pacote de massa ao supermercado a 300m de casa...
Podem dizer que por cá as cidades não são tão planas quanto as referidas...Eu posso dizer que aqui não neva, nem faz tanto frio como lá. Acho que eles apreciavam a troca de uma pequena subida por nevões intensos.

20 de abril de 2010

It´s Music To Your Ears

Segundo single do novo álbum da cantora escocesa que estará presente no próximo Rock in Rio

O Criador de Fobias

Gosto deste título. Pena o texto não ser grande coisa. Quero desde já reclamar direitos de autor deste título. Se ele já existe peço desculpa...e a permissão para o usar, já que não tenho dinheiro para pagar os direitos de autor sobre o mesmo.

Vamos ao que interessa. Como o título o diz, e bem, acho que criei uma nova fobia. Ainda não decidi que nome lhe dar - quer dizer ela até pode já existir... - mas em vez de lhe dar um daqueles nomes que lendo à primeira não fazemos ideia de que receio se trata vamos chamar-lhe o-medo-de-ir-e-querer-voltar-a-ir-fobia. É...isto soa bem.
Esta fobia, que não vamos estar sempre a repetir nome por razões óbvias, consiste no medo de viajar para certo destino e depois de a viagem acabar, e voltarmos para a nossa casa...querermos viajar de novo para o mesmo destino. Desde já apresento o meu primeiro destino onde fui e pretendo voltar...

Digamos que este primeiro é assim para o irresistível e tenho a desculpa de ser muito novo quando lá fui a primeira vez...e só ter subido até ao segundo nível da famosa torre da primeira foto...e a pé...experiência deveras interessante...a sério.

O mal é que há cerca de um ano fiz outra viagem. Viagem essa a um país que pouco conhecia e que me esqueci de "pesquisar" dias antes de partir. Sinceramente o esquecimento também se deveu a não ter grandes espectativas sobre o mesmo.
Quem diria que a Bélgica é isto?

Bruxelas: http://www.skyscrapercity.com/showthread.php?t=946342 tenho de voltar...só vi uma parte...e tenho de voltar ao Delirium Café

Brugge: http://www.skyscrapercity.com/showthread.php?t=946340 tenho de dar outra volta de barco sem depois ter de correr para o comboio.

Gent: http://www.skyscrapercity.com/showthread.php?t=937372 tenho de andar de barco e percorrer as ruas em redor, já aqui foi mais uma visita-relâmpago

Isto até nem seria um problema. O problema está em, eu no futuro ter como objectivo conhecer o maior número de países e cidades possivel, e se me acontece esta fobia a todos os sítios que vou, o tempo e dinheiro que gastarei numa outra viagem a uma cidade onde já estive vai retirar esses mesmos recursos a cidades que ainda não visitei.

E se todos me surpreenderem como a Bélgica estou tramado.

12 de abril de 2010

It´s Music To Your Ears

The freaking adorable, cute, talented, amazing, beautiful, nice, Marit Larsen deserves two videos. But check out more from her on youtube!

5 de abril de 2010

It´s Music To Your Ears com história

O indivíduo que aqui vos escreve era, ao contrário dos dias de hoje, um completo ingénuo no que diz respeito a música até talvez os seus 12 anos. Não é que não ouvisse música de todo mas a que ouvia provinha de rádios, nomeadamente dos que se encontravam dentro de carros, onde quem os controla é quem os conduz. E isto até podia ser bom não fosse ter pais que, infelizmente, não dão assim grande interesse à música. Não é que não ouçam mas são os claros "ouvintes de música num carro em estações de rádio que vão da maluquice da RFM à completamente diferente Rádio Comercial".

Assim sendo eu cresci (até aos 12 anos...) a ouvir música nestas rádios...não é que fosse mau ou que me arrependa disso, afinal de contas sempre ouvia alguma música, só que tenho-vos a dizer que as rádios mencionadas acima não mudaram muito desde então. As mesmas músicas continuam a ser passadas repetidamente e quer-se goste ou não aquelas músicas ficam na cabeça. Isto valeu-me um vício nos The Corrs e um gosto por artistas que me faz sentir diferente de gente da minha idade a começar logo por este vício...não quero com isto parecer pretensioso do estilo "A banda indie que eu e mais 7 pessoas gostamos e mais ninguém conhece é muito boa!", aliás vejo mais este meu gosto como um "prazer proibido" (guilty pleasure soa melhor, não soa?) do que uma virtude, sem querer tirar talento aos The Corrs ou a outros quaisquer. Aliás, quero acreditar que as músicas passadas repetidamente há uma década era um tudo nada melhor que músicas Gagas agora passadas até à exaustão.

Isto tudo vem a propósito de há uns dias terem-me acordado inesperadamente cedo e enfiado num carro (o mesmo onde dantes não tinha controlo sobre o rádio...e continuo a não ter) depois de ter dormido muito menos do que o aconselhável e considerado saudável. Meio a dormir apercebo-me que passa na rádio uma música que me é familiar...e por momentos recuei 10 anos e passei para o banco de trás do carro. Durante 10 anos não soube o nome da música ou simplesmente quem a cantava...mas sabia o refrão de cor. Memorizei a letra só que chegando ao fim do dia e ao computador o sono fez a letra desaparecer. Uns dias depois apareceu letra e melodia novamente...chegando à hora da verdade - ler "chegar ao search do youtube" - tudo desapareceu.
Até que na última sexta-feira, quando estava a sintonizar num rádio o relato do jogo do Sporting e ia a caminho de uma estação (que afinal de contas transmitia uma missa em vez do jogo do Sporting!!...como se atrevem?!) e lá estava a música outra vez (adoro estas coincidências...e esta veio num timing perfeito se olharmos para a rúbrica do It´s Music To Your Ears da semana passada). Desta vez tratei de escrever a letra para depois juntamente com o meu amigo Google encontrarmos o que queríamos.

Eis o resultado:

Robin Scherbastky is that you?!; (How I Met Your Mother joke!...or not...it´s up to you)

Vou deixar uma versão acústica ao vivo porque descobri que a voz ao vivo desta rapariga é qualquer coisa...

Curioso ver que alguns videos desta banda espalhados pelo youtube são maioritariamente vistos num país chamado...Portugal.

E dizer que aprecio mais a gira e escocesa vocalista depois de ter descoberto isto:

29 de março de 2010

It´s Music To Your Ears

Aqui está a música que não ouvia há imenso tempo. É um hino "adoptado" pelos Australianos e faz-me lembrar o Verão e viagens de carro...


Tou a fazer rascunhos mentais de um texto que envolve música, artistas, mercado musical, estações de rádio, países da Europa e críticas ao "normal português". Tá um bocadinho confuso e vai estar cheio de apartes, como tanto gosto, e espero colocá-lo aqui brevemente.

23 de março de 2010

Joan of Arcadia

A ideia de Deus como (quase) protagonista principal de uma série não parece muito interessante, pelo menos para mim, no entanto depois de ver os 2/3 primeiros episódios desta série achei-os interessantes o suficiente para começar a gostar da série e a segui-la com atenção.
Basicamente cada episódio é focado num tema central que pode variar desde preserverança, amor, familia, confiança, etc, o que transforma cada episódio numa espécie de "lição de vida", não dando ainda assim a solução perfeita para resolver os problemas, deixando assim a cada um que assiste tirar as ilações que bem entender. E o mais interessante nisto é que apesar de a série querer transmitir a tal lição de vida em cada episódio, a família da série é uma "família normal" e a história que se vai fazendo liga perfeitamente ao episódio seguinte, apesar da ideia contrária que o tema central possa dar e possa fazer parecer que cada episódio é independente do anterior e do seguinte.
É provavelmente uma das série mais educativas já feitas não sendo nada lamechas. Talvez por isso a série tenha sido cancelada ao fim de duas temporadas, e nem mesmo participações especiais de Hillary Duff, Will.i.am (Black Eyed Peas) e Michael Scofield foram suficientes para o prolongamento da série.

22 de março de 2010

It´s Music To Your Ears

Estava indeciso entre duas músicas; uma porque era digna de aparecer num tópico de nome "Há que tempos não ouvia isto" de um qualquer fórum; outra porque foi daquelas que deu luta para ser descoberta depois de ouvida diversas vezes num jingle de uma rádio nacional. Optei pela última...e para a semana vem a outra!


E ainda hoje vem (finalmente) texto - banalidades - a sério, apesar de estar escrito há imenso tempo já.

8 de março de 2010

1 de março de 2010

It´s Music To Your Ears

And opening for Muse on May 27th we have: Snow Patrol!!

Really looking forward to see them live, even more pumped up now watching this live performances with an awesome Irish crowd!

22 de fevereiro de 2010

It´s Music To Your Ears

You gotta love HD!

Hope these guys come back soon because they gave a great concert last year!

17 de fevereiro de 2010

Review - Joss Stone @ Coliseu do Porto; 14/02/2010

Eis que à quarta foi de vez...a vez do Porto. Joss Stone, a menina bonita da soul britânica, voltou a Portugal para se estrear numa das salas mais emblemáticas do País, o Coliseu da cidade Invicta. Bilhetes esgotados há muito e a data emblemática e amorosa faziam prever um belo concerto e a espectativa tinha niveis elevados já que há cerca de ano e meio a britânica deslumbrou num belo concerto no Rock in Rio Lisboa.
A sala foi-se enchendo e foi curioso ver o quão maduro era o público, o que pode ser explicado pela data sugestiva o que fazia com que o público fosse composto na sua maioria por casais na ansía de partilhar um concerto agradável com a sua cara metade no famoso dia de S. Valentim.
Com o ambiente preparado e aquecido por Miguel Gameiro - ex-vocalista dos Pólo Norte (com uma primeira parte interessante e bem recebida pela audiência...pela qual Miguel Gameiro resolveu passear) eis que a estrela da noite entra em palco.

Com os seus 22 anos, o que podia indiciar alguém em início de carreira, e com os seus pés a descoberto como sempre, Joss não tem medo de lançar hit singles como primeiras faixas do alinhamento - Super Duper Love; Tell Me What We´re Gonna Do Now; Fell In Love With a Boy enquanto se passeia pelo palco e, à sua boa maneira "provoca" o público para que cante com ela e se faça ouvir, mostrando a sua maturidade artística que vem do facto de os 22 anos não mostrarem alguém em início de carreira, mas sim alguém que lançou o primeiro álbum com 16 anos de idade.
Assim, perante alguém com um talento imenso e uma voz impressionante o público soube retribuir tornando o concerto ainda mais agradável.
Na bagagem trazia o seu 4º disco de originais (curiosamente ainda não lançado por cá...) de nome Colour Me Free que viu algumas das suas faixas no alinhamento, a meu ver muito bem escolhidas. De uma Free Me a uma Could Have Been You com um upbeat contagiante passando para uma emocionante performance de Girlfriend On Demand logo após o encore, Joscelyn Eve Stoker mostrou que está em forma no que diz respeito à criação de novas músicas e álbuns.
O concerto foi prosseguindo com todos os álbuns a merecerem destaque, e por entre bastante apreciadas músicas como Less is More, Some Kind Of Wonderful, Put Your Hands On Me Baby, Baby Baby Baby, Jet Lag (gostei de ouvir esta ao vivo), Joss foi confessando o seu amor pela língua portuguesa e pela "Music" esta sim "o seu valentine" nesta noite de 14 de Fevereiro. Isto entre muitas idas ao seu já habitual copo de chá...não fosse ela inglesa.
Como se não bastasse o talento da artista principal o público ainda tem o prazer de presenciar o enorme talento da banda que a suporta que desde o trompetistas às meninas do coro tornam o espectáculo ainda melhor e cada um tem direito a brilhar.
Com um público deliciado e depois de muitos gritos/palmas/pés a bater no chão o encore começou com o tema já referenciado (Girlfriend On Demand) que teve esta bela actuação muito apreciada.

video de Marta Ribeiro

Com isto e depois de já ter recebido a sua flor preferida entregue por um fã era a vez dela ir buscar os seus lírios brancos para entregar ao público, num dos seus muitos hábitos de palco já criados, enquanto terminava a noite não com um single (muitos talvez esperassem um Right To Be Wrong; Spoiled; Don´t Cha Wanna Ride), mas sim com a mensagem de Big Ol´ Game tema inicialmente incluido na versão japonesa de Introducing Joss Stone e com uma nova versão em Colour Me Free mostrando mais uma vez que não vive de singles ou hits e que pode muito bem acabar com a música que bem lhe apetece.

Perguntou se podia voltar e nós dizemos que sim...quando quiser, mas de preferência o mais breve possível!!

15 de fevereiro de 2010

10 de fevereiro de 2010

Let´s Share!

Two videos. Two talented girls and two beauties!

Favourite tennis player (The video is so well edited...Venice Beach!)

adidas "day in the life" from dhmanagement on Vimeo.

And I´m kinda addicted to this one at the moment...

Yeah...watch more videos of her and of course Bon Iver!

Bed time...was long day...and will be another short sleep night...

9 de fevereiro de 2010

This is bloody great!

If you scroll down a bit you´ll find this bit of a long post:

(...)I just need Geography exam...hopefully with something like 16/20...but more would be perfect!
C´mon André, deliver!

P.S. After writing this I did some...yeah, maths and if I have 16/20 in Geography exam I have the EXACTLY same note of the last person going to the course that I want to go at the university that I want to go...what were the odds?! Well...you do the maths!!

So...I went to school today...yeah...Geography exam result...any bets ladies and gentlemen?

8 de fevereiro de 2010

It´s Music To Your Ears

Vamos imaginar um cartaz do Rock in Rio para dia 27 de Maio vamos?...Muse...Arctic Monkeys...e vá lá...mais estes...

3 de fevereiro de 2010


“Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another, 'What! You too? I thought I was the only one”

C. S. Lewis

1 de fevereiro de 2010

It´s Music To Your Ears - 2 videos

One of my favourite hobbies while I´m on my computer is to get out of my listenable artists/bands bubble and listen to some new artist. And it´s always good specially when I find this

And make sure that you listen more than 2/3 songs of that artist...listen to their albuns...search videos on youtube; You can find good stuff there

At 2:12; Well...boys will be boys LOL Awesome video!

28 de janeiro de 2010

We Love Maths

A post about a relationship...interesting. A post about my relationship with maths...not so much.

Why did you let me down maths? We´ve been so happy! I´ve gave you all the attention that you needed! I never changed! Altough you´ve changed...maybe all of us need a change every now and then...
I met you in the supermarket corridors impressed in journals. My grandma (the best one in the world) introduced us...just like introduced me the abc and how to write my name. She wanted to assure herself that I would go to school knowing how to write my name and how to deal with you maths, despite the fact of never being in a kindergaten (the cause of the shy/cheesy personality I´m afraid...).

We were perfect in primary school! Doing great through 5/6/7/8th grade...then 45/100 in a 9th grade test! What the hell maths?! Maybe you´re just angry and you turned the back on me for a moment. We´ve been happy right?

Now I had to choose: maths or no maths? I chose you maths. Promising more attention...you seem different...you don´t, only, need homework and staring at similar exercises that a test would have...you need more attention, more practicing.

12/20 in 10th grade...cool! Even with >14/20 in the other subjects; 8/20 in 11th grade...what´s happening? Well...8 was enough to be in 12th grade...I think you just need (even) more attention. 12th grade first test: 3/20...Damn, when I went down I went to the bottom! In something that I´ll later find that´s the easiest maths stuff in this 3 years. I was confused. Let´s end with maths tests, continue with the great grades in the others subjects and do the final maths exam in the end of the year. 1st chance: 8 point something/20; 2nd chance: 7 point something/20
F*$#! I failed! I promised my grandma (the best in the world...I already said that right?): "I´ll not miss a school year" and I failed!

Everyone deserves a second chance...new class, known colleagues tho...I must say it was a not so bad year...great persons in my class with whom I went to a fantastic trip to Belgium (to the wonderful girls who organised it, thanks!).
12/20...I needed the final exam tho...and I failed. I went to the bottom and not happy I dig deeper.
Math classes at night...exam in January. Went to book it a few days ago...rrrrrrhhhh...the usual vibration noise on the phone..."you´re done with maths...you just need to pass a Geography exam"; For a second I regret going twice a week to maths classes for over 2 months, but the company in classes was good so in the next second I jumped, I sang some songs aaand I think I ran towards nowhere inside my house. So I´m done. I just need Geography exam...hopefully with something like 16/20...but more would be perfect!
C´mon André, deliver!

P.S. After writing this I did some...yeah, maths and if I have 16/20 in Geography exam I have the EXACTLY same note of the last person going to the course that I want to go at the university that I want to go...what were the odds?! Well...you do the maths!!

25 de janeiro de 2010

It´s Music To Your Ears

I don´t hear, or even know many french bands but here´s one.

This one is from their fourth studio album, Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, a very nice album that I reccomend.

18 de janeiro de 2010

It´s Music To Your Ears

Monday...toughest day of the week for many. To help those that think like that I´ll start this thing called "It´s Music To Your Ears". Every Monday, one music video.

I´ll start with one of the best songs I´ve ever heard with some of the best amazing performances live I´ve seen on youtube.

It´s so good that the girls in the first row just got their faces melted...

You can press "More From: LaBlogotheque" and watch the other brilliant edited concert videos.

2 de janeiro de 2010

Your opinion won´t change me!

Ouch...a bit offensive the first title of the year han? I´ll try to explain it during this post where I´ll wander around some things. First say that I´m a perfectionist person so if you read some huge english mistake in this post let me know.

The title and the idea of this post came from here http://peaceofanaleigh.blogspot.com/ The authouress is an inspiration. Well, I said in the last time I wrote here you would need some background of the person to enjoy the blog to the fullest so I´m gonna make your job easier...because she deserves.

Analeigh was the second-runner up in Cycle 11 of America's Next Top Model, (and yes I do watch this and boys can watch this --oh...the title...; -yeah! Ah and I think a girl looks more chic with Winter clothes than in Summer clothes; -You´re gay! ahah; -I am not. --okay enough with the title already); and she´s unique. Not only for her beauty, because being beautiful is a big help to be on the contest, but mostly for her personality. What would you expect from 13 girls in a house competing for a "dream-contest"? The usual right....fights and an competitive atmosphere. Well...not for her. Sure she wanted to win but that doesn´t mean that she can´t have true friends in the house...ones that you would keep after the show (it´s the case), ones that you´ll avoid them to do stupid things such as over-drinking. Yes, you think...Oh I would do that to...well...I wanna believe you but I would wait and see...I think the competition, prizes and today´s egoism would win over you. And let´s be honest what´s your opinion about models? Stupid; Dumbs; Lack of culture; Party girls; etc, etc...
First: Stop judging people before you meet them! Second: Not this one. She´s a next door, former figure skater, with the film-making dream in her head and who knows a book, girl with a loveable personality as you can see here http://peaceofanaleigh.blogspot.com/2009/04/immersion-in-emerson.html

She´s maybe one of the most genuinely persons in the world...and that´s what one of the things that inspires me...she´s the one you would want as a friend; yeah I´m a boy I should say "as a girlfriend" right? But let´s stop daydreaming!...a girl like Analeigh just as a friend would be perfect, because as a girl that I knew in a contest and found her blog is already good; knowing that persons like her still exist nowadays (and this "nowadays" means today´s society in developed countries; such a great subject for another post) makes me wanna go out I find a person like her because if she´s 1 in 100 or 1 in 1000 or 1 in 1 MILLION the other ones must be out there! I´m running out of words (which is good in this case...and it´s sooo late)

To finish; I did some maths (and I really have to end with maths this year!) and if I´m not mistaken (probably it´s a higher number) I spent around 300€ in music last year (that includes albuns, concerts, trips, food, merchandising)...WORTH IT! Looking forward to what 2010 bring to us...well Muse for 58€ in Rock in Rio...a bit expensive...

So as a music lover as you can read and see in my blog I´ll leave you with a song. I know I should start the year with a happy song but...that´s not the case...and here it comes another link for the wonderful blog cause was there that I found this.

Where I found/lyrics: http://peaceofanaleigh.blogspot.com/2009/03/music-through-window.html
Too many links I guess...she looks beautiful in the pics (Yes, I said that to you copy the link and see the lyrics on her blog)

Sad song...with a nice upbeat. A versatile one; even more with a video like that...I wonder how many photos they took...

But... Is there a point to being a slipper but you are alone, with no other slipper to the pair?
Is there a point of being violoncello if don´t get out of your case?
Is there a point to being a girl alone, with no one to love...no one to share life with?

Yeah...It´s my point of view of the song...but I love the name of the song and this verses:

Soon she´s down the stairs
Her morning elegance she wears
The sound of water makes her dream
Awoken by a cloud of steam
She pours a daydream in a cup
A spoon of sugar sweetens up


The thunder makes her contemplate
She hears a noise behind the gate
Perhaps a letter with a dove
Perhaps a stranger she could love

Maybe I´ll write more here this year...we´ll see.

Thanks for your time!