9 de fevereiro de 2010

This is bloody great!

If you scroll down a bit you´ll find this bit of a long post:

(...)I just need Geography exam...hopefully with something like 16/20...but more would be perfect!
C´mon André, deliver!

P.S. After writing this I did some...yeah, maths and if I have 16/20 in Geography exam I have the EXACTLY same note of the last person going to the course that I want to go at the university that I want to go...what were the odds?! Well...you do the maths!!

So...I went to school today...yeah...Geography exam result...any bets ladies and gentlemen?

2 comentários:

  1. hahah yea andre.. easy peasy! :p but the story you just described for me wouldve cost you like 1000euros already?! lol

    yayy, 16/20! thats.. good right? sufficient?
    *high five for lovin math! =P

    and eh. i saw Molly in someone's video once.. didnt really like her either. but now she's on Rocketboom as well.. i dunno, she's alrighttttt... :p