10 de maio de 2010

The Love Thief

Walking down the avenue
Blooming with style
You can see it´s her
You can see by the smile

It´s the hair, it´s the eyes
It´s the face, it´s the look
It´s the one you could stare
Like she was your favourite book

It´s words and emotions
That pop out from her face
Those kind of feelings
That you would love to embrace

But she hides everything
Deep underneath
She´s just another...
Another love thief.

Title inspired by this wonderful book:

Poem´s appreciation. Press one of the buttons.

Lame is my huge crush on Marit Larsen...that´s lame...

4 comentários:

  1. and lame is my eternal procrastination of returning to Portugal...
    but i Like this! *click*

    i saw The Book Thief in the bookshop.. is it any good?

  2. (omg. i cant believe the button-clicking is a trap! :O im shocked.)

  3. Man was this lame! XD
    No jk...hmmm you should consider being Muse's new songwriter haha :DD

  4. it would be great as a song. the lyric is an nice story :)