9 de agosto de 2010

It´s Music To Your Ears com história (2)

Yes, I know, I know...the lack of posts went on for more a couple of weeks...yeah...come blame the boy who got a proper job and is under ridiculously hot temperatures for...I don´t know...ages?!
Actually today I saw clouds in the sky for the first time in that ages period of time that I mentioned. Anyway we still had more than 35ºC...go figure.
And it will continue at least(!) until August 16th. So the only thing we can expect to see in the sky for the next week is more smoke from the bloody fires *sad face*

Oh the next week. Remember the proper job thingy? So this next week (yes the one with more ridiculously hot temperatures) I have a deadline to accomplish. That means a lot of clothes to pack and probably also a lot of extra hours to work...at least Friday (included) holidays have their beginning.

And what´s better than that thing that I love that (I use "that" too much, I´m sorry) is find a new musical artist? (Also tomorrow it´s payday so...other reason to start the hard work week in a good mood)

About the new artist: I was watching the Late Late Show with Craig Fergunson (some channel in Portugal should broadcast him...instead of soap operas) and there she was.

...I don´t even know what videos to choose. I´m in love. And it´s not only the haircut...which is the one that has some kind of power over my shy person.

Her name is Diane Birch.

She also performed this one at Jools Holland (I assure it´s worth watching) but I think the official video is something that deserves to be appreciated.

Hard work week? Bring it!

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  1. ohh a new crush ;) hehe.
    you got a job? sweeet :D money for traveling eh?

    so what do you think of Zooey Deschanel in (500) Days of Summer? seems like your type i think!