21 de dezembro de 2010

All I want for Christmas

For a lame title a lame post. I like to be coherent.

Unfortunately due to the fact that I won´t, despite being a good boy all year long, get the only present, and note that I just asked for ONE present, I had to go for the second choices whom are kinda related to the Norwegian cuteness. Yes, I´m improving my album/dvd collection. Amazon says thanks.

The only thing certain in the basket is The Corrs - Unplugged dvd because would be shameless this long time Corrs fan not to have this. Then I perhaps also order Fiona Apple - When The Pawn, Bon Iver´s debut album and Tired Pony first and perhaps last album. I have to check prices because financial crisis is a *bleep* (and can lead me to change the "Ocupation" category on my social networks next year) and I can´t spend much...although Fiona´s album can be bought for...0,01£. Got to love the Internet.

So for all of you: Merry Christmas! Have a blast and enjoy it with your family if possible. As for me I will sure do it. And eat like there´s no tomorrow.

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