29 de março de 2011

It´s Music To Your Ears

Found this yesterday.

Basically was looping in my head all day.

Great song and pretty awesome video by Sara Bareilles!

And, to help the song´s loop, the images of the video also were present in my mind...

Ben Folds saying that uncharted rhymes with farted, Pharrel Williams just doesn´t get old, Josh Groban and his banana (wait...), Ryan Tedder (who knows how to choose girls to his videos , Vanessa Carlton (long time no see) and last but not least the annoyingly beautiful Laura Jansen . And yes. I do sing the "la la la" part with her at the end. I do not waive though. Once I did it. Okay, a few times. It´s rude not waive back at someone who´s waiving at you.

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