20 de abril de 2011

It´s Music To Your Ears - Stop Motion style

I´m sure you have came across this (pretty awesome) animation technique before but here´s two of my favourite musical Stop Motion videos.

Found somewhere on this wonderfully written blog.

And this one starring, the more than lovely, Alison Sudol. Who? Oh...sorry, A Fine Frenzy. She might respond more often to that name.

Enjoy! And if you have some video of this kind to share be my guest!

2 comentários:

  1. I've said it once before, but I say it again; Extremely fascinating. I've tried that once, it's SO SO much hard work behind it. Patience-test for sure. Envy those who actually have the patience x)

  2. Well, this post makes me happy. Thank you for sharing! :- )