29 de setembro de 2011

It´s Autumn already...

...and I wish it would thunder.

To a more literal song title one:

I´m out of luck though. Autumn here is looking like an out of place Spring after a not-that-hot Summer. Spring and Autumn are not that different here but clear skies and 30ºC are not exactly the best preparation for the cold rainy months ahead.

Cold rainy months ahead with exciting music coming up. I´m stuck at this for now:

Amazing second single of the album yet to be released. The first single is the demanding catchy one obviously.

But there´s a lot more new music this Autumn.
Besides Snow Patrol there will be new albums of Feist (already available on the internets, Diane Birch (I hope) and Marit Larsen whose last Tumblr post is the line-up of the third album. And I believe there is some more albums that might interest me coming out. Unfortunately I don´t remember any more for now but they might be mentioned here soon.

Enjoy the music while you admire the beautiful colours of the leaves falling from the trees leaving them naked. You pervs.

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