14 de novembro de 2011

New segment

Thought in introduce a new segment here on the blog. It will be something like "It´s Music To Your Ears", meaning a video will be the main point of the post, with just a short introduction or description of what it is about.
The idea vanished since the first time I had it because I think a blog full of videos, as sometimes happens when I embed music videos 3 or 4 posts in a row, are a bit...dull. The problem is that I don´t have ordinary [life] stories - as the blog title goes for - on a regular basis (at least blog worthy ones...and, also...I´m lazy) to keep the blog updated, which for me means write a few posts, at least, every month.

Thus, rather than only having a music segment the blog will now have an "interview" segment. The goal is, since I found a few Youtube channels who have quality interviews, bring it to the blog...so it can end up being not a music video but a video of a musician being interviewed...which will happen often I presume...and the first post will prove that. Other YT channel that might appear often is one that uploads episodes of the American talk-show Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson since I watch it every time it appears on my subscription box...which usually happens just one day after the episode originally aired on US tv and has a great host, great sidekick and great guests.

It will be called "If You Like..." Therefore, If you like...Feist:

37 minutes of Feist where she talks about radio (this is a radio interview...yes, you are watching a radio interview...so, like, futuristic right?...yeah...), about music, and on that subject, her brand new album "Metals" where she does a track-by-track analysis. It´s a great interview. Although I can´t help but feel...awkward at some parts. I know music moves people, and I´m one of them, but it´s always slightly weird for me see a journalist (which, and this is the case) also a fan, try to undress the songs and explain what do they mean in front of the artist...and sometimes I feel like the artist agrees just to be cool. A song can have different interpretations to each person and that comes from a different experience that usually people connect the song with. And sometimes I just imagine songwriters writing a song, or choosing a line or a certain word just because it sounds good...not everything needs to be metaphorical and/or literal. I think that, because if you wonder the blog you might find a few poems I wrote and despite I mean what I wrote it doesn´t mean I wrote it for a particularly someone or situation. If I meanwhile found someone to whom the poems apply? Yes. And she´s awesome!

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