1 de março de 2012

It´s Music To Your Ears

Give this guy and his album a chance and you will feel better.
With the above sentence I just used two song titles of his album (named "Making Mirrors") that I´m listening for the very first time right now. Amazing range of genres on the 4/5 songs I´ve listened to until now.

And all started because of a Lisa Hanningan cover that appeared on my sub box of Youtube. I recognized the song, went search for it and I remember that I´ve listened to it before. Was at my grandma´s house with one of my younger sisters and while listening the song we were like...what is this?...sounds...meh...but somehow instead of changing channel (probably for Disney Channel...) we continued to listen to it...and end up loving it. But forgetting to search for it later...

Here it is.

And awesome timing to find it. Weirdly relating to it at the moment. Brilliant song.


In other news...second semester is on! This one is looking like I will actually have to apply myself...will see. Last time I said that I end up doing less than on the year before...still nailed the semester though. Probably to be unemployed in half an year or putting more money, that I don´t have, in continuing to accumulate knowledge, on a masters degree. Will see. One day at a time.

P.S. Found a nice blog that kinda inspired me to write on mine on a more often basis. I will probably fail at that but if you happen to see here [even more] meaningless posts it´s because I´m trying to keep this super updated and stuff.

Enjoy the music!

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  1. Haha I love it that people discover Gotye just now. As he is a Belgian we in Holland know this song for a very long time and it became a huge hit :)