1 de junho de 2012

Late night stories

4:35am right now. About an hour ago I was just relaxing and watching a NBA game between the Thunder and the Spurs (you will get the irony of this in a few moments...) after a day of classes under a 35ºC temperature and some beautiful blue skies followed by one of the most pleasant nights of the year so far and then BAM!!...one of the most unexpected, and quite scary, I must say, thunderstorms (got the irony?) I´ve ever witness happened!! One of the lightnings stroke really close judging by the quick and super intense thunder that followed it...
I´m used to the weather forecast to be wrong but how come between a 35ºC day and a 33ºC (tomorrow) appears such thunderstorm? Is this Portugal´s new way to get out of the financial crisis...being a tropical country? How about a warning before that happens? Would save some scary unexpected moments....geez!

About the NBA game...Oklahoma City Thunder won...

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