16 de dezembro de 2013

Up. To. Date.

No. This is not the depressing post of a twenty-something years old boy I´ve been promising to write. Sorry to disappoint you blog dweller that somehow ended up on this blog and post. I guess I´ve hoped for time to pass and for things to get better so I didn´t have to write it. There´s still many twenty-something years to go though...
2013 did not start well. From the death of the dog I grew up with, on the very first days of the new year, to a forced gap year from university and a difficult job search in such country and small city I live in, life was not what a not-long-ago teenager, imagined it to be like. Time passed. And so did life. Things got better. Got a job. One that started exactly on the early morning after Muse´s stadium concert that I was so looking forward in order to take my mind from a semester of emptiness. Coffee would help. As it did all Summer. Promises of a better 2013 arose. It was a good Summer. Tiring, but productive. University seemed possible again. Romance too, of all the things, seemed possible. Summer ended, university started. Jump to another concert; Au Revoir Simone. Again. Hello stranger. First meetings (dates?) in concerts don´t seem as scary as in any other place. Show, autographs, taxi, home. Pleasure to meet you. We shall meet again. And again. And again. Love ensues. Distance is a detail. Depth over distance every time my dear. No idea what the future holds for me. But I´m happy again. And I have someone to make happy. Sunsets, parks, walks, bed. Whenever I´m with her is good. Good times are back. And I hope not to disappoint.

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