5 de fevereiro de 2014

The Little Things

Many say love is in the little things. Little [seemingly unimportant] gestures that mean more than the gesture itself. Gestures done not to impress but show that you care. I enjoy watching movies. Far from being a movie addict. Unfortunately I rarely go to the cinema and I have an awful memory cinema-wise...names of actors and directors escape me often and even to remind myself if I have or not watched certain movie can sometimes be a struggle... But for these last years, late at night, when everyone is sleeping, I enjoy get a movie a movie ready, get the blankets ready, get the late night snacks ready and lose myself for, at least, 90 minutes in someone´s story. For the past weeks I´ve had, yet again, all the time in the world between reasonable-spaced-in-time uni exams to continue this hobby...and yet I didn´t. Something changed. Can said experience be better if you share it with someone? How could it be? How dare someone invade my late night aloneness that I cherished so much? Does holding hands with someone make the experience better?...maintaining you immersed in the story? Maybe it is better. And that´s why I´m saving the movies I so eager to watch to watch them with her. Because...for some reason...she makes them better. It´s the little things.

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