18 de dezembro de 2015


Home is not home anymore. People say home is where the heart is and I finally get it. Home is not a place anymore. Home has become someone, not somewhere. But it´s strange. The place where, just some time ago, was your safe place, your hidden corner of the world it´s not yours anymore. Not just because one of the sisters literally seized up your old bedroom but because it feels empty...the place you´d happily go to be alone and step aside of the world (and how damn good it felt sometimes) now seems lonely...such irony.

Although there will always be saudade and nostalgia. The jokes with the sisters, the football chat with dad, the political and tech chats with the uncle, hearing your grandma tell that story of the scare you gave her when you were little for the thousand time (and you will never ever get tired of hearing her told such stories)...

My conclusion of this, and in case it happens to you too dear reader, is: you must have chosen right. If you felt good alone and now don´t...if it feels something is missing, even for a day, maybe that´s the universe saying that, at least one decision in your life you took right. And yes, it´s not easy leave behind the ones who you grew up with and the ones who raised you but sure they will feel they did it right...one has to grow up and fly on your own, I guess.

P.S. Yup, I do know the latest blog post was 1 year ago...and I wish I was disciplined and had documented most of the thing here but...there´s some stuff you don´t even know what to write about it. For the good, but mostly for the bad.

Long-one-year-story-short, I´m in the right place with the right person.

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