2 de novembro de 2009

Go Flo!

I have to say that i´m not a fan of mainstream music, whatever that means...but lately i´ve been "attacked" by some artists with their mainstream music...i guess.

They are three 2009 revelations and the first i heard was the catchy electro-pop of La Roux with In For The Kill and lately with Bulletproof, songs that have a lot of airplay on the radios and tv channels...mainstream right?

Then pure-pop music by a british teenager...Pixie Lott...and i must say she mesmerized me when i first saw her...18 years old...great voice...and i like to say Pixie Lott is so hot...

Saving the best for last, and not just for me, due to several awards that this band won and it´s nominated, I introduce you the indie-pop (i don´t know if this is a style...this days is almost impossible define music styles...) Florence & The Machine!
It´s just the very best new act that I heard this year. The lyrics, the sound, the amazing harp used in many songs, the drums, Florence´s voice...her redhead...just perfect!!
I´ll leave you with a live song performed in Glastonbury this last Summer...it´s not an original (belongs to Candi Staton) but it´s an brilliant cover included in her debut album Lungs.

The album is mostly about violence and death...but "Lord i just don´t care"!!

Looking forward to see her live!!

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