28 de janeiro de 2010

We Love Maths

A post about a relationship...interesting. A post about my relationship with maths...not so much.

Why did you let me down maths? We´ve been so happy! I´ve gave you all the attention that you needed! I never changed! Altough you´ve changed...maybe all of us need a change every now and then...
I met you in the supermarket corridors impressed in journals. My grandma (the best one in the world) introduced us...just like introduced me the abc and how to write my name. She wanted to assure herself that I would go to school knowing how to write my name and how to deal with you maths, despite the fact of never being in a kindergaten (the cause of the shy/cheesy personality I´m afraid...).

We were perfect in primary school! Doing great through 5/6/7/8th grade...then 45/100 in a 9th grade test! What the hell maths?! Maybe you´re just angry and you turned the back on me for a moment. We´ve been happy right?

Now I had to choose: maths or no maths? I chose you maths. Promising more attention...you seem different...you don´t, only, need homework and staring at similar exercises that a test would have...you need more attention, more practicing.

12/20 in 10th grade...cool! Even with >14/20 in the other subjects; 8/20 in 11th grade...what´s happening? Well...8 was enough to be in 12th grade...I think you just need (even) more attention. 12th grade first test: 3/20...Damn, when I went down I went to the bottom! In something that I´ll later find that´s the easiest maths stuff in this 3 years. I was confused. Let´s end with maths tests, continue with the great grades in the others subjects and do the final maths exam in the end of the year. 1st chance: 8 point something/20; 2nd chance: 7 point something/20
F*$#! I failed! I promised my grandma (the best in the world...I already said that right?): "I´ll not miss a school year" and I failed!

Everyone deserves a second chance...new class, known colleagues tho...I must say it was a not so bad year...great persons in my class with whom I went to a fantastic trip to Belgium (to the wonderful girls who organised it, thanks!).
12/20...I needed the final exam tho...and I failed. I went to the bottom and not happy I dig deeper.
Math classes at night...exam in January. Went to book it a few days ago...rrrrrrhhhh...the usual vibration noise on the phone..."you´re done with maths...you just need to pass a Geography exam"; For a second I regret going twice a week to maths classes for over 2 months, but the company in classes was good so in the next second I jumped, I sang some songs aaand I think I ran towards nowhere inside my house. So I´m done. I just need Geography exam...hopefully with something like 16/20...but more would be perfect!
C´mon André, deliver!

P.S. After writing this I did some...yeah, maths and if I have 16/20 in Geography exam I have the EXACTLY same note of the last person going to the course that I want to go at the university that I want to go...what were the odds?! Well...you do the maths!!

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