2 de janeiro de 2010

Your opinion won´t change me!

Ouch...a bit offensive the first title of the year han? I´ll try to explain it during this post where I´ll wander around some things. First say that I´m a perfectionist person so if you read some huge english mistake in this post let me know.

The title and the idea of this post came from here http://peaceofanaleigh.blogspot.com/ The authouress is an inspiration. Well, I said in the last time I wrote here you would need some background of the person to enjoy the blog to the fullest so I´m gonna make your job easier...because she deserves.

Analeigh was the second-runner up in Cycle 11 of America's Next Top Model, (and yes I do watch this and boys can watch this --oh...the title...; -yeah! Ah and I think a girl looks more chic with Winter clothes than in Summer clothes; -You´re gay! ahah; -I am not. --okay enough with the title already); and she´s unique. Not only for her beauty, because being beautiful is a big help to be on the contest, but mostly for her personality. What would you expect from 13 girls in a house competing for a "dream-contest"? The usual right....fights and an competitive atmosphere. Well...not for her. Sure she wanted to win but that doesn´t mean that she can´t have true friends in the house...ones that you would keep after the show (it´s the case), ones that you´ll avoid them to do stupid things such as over-drinking. Yes, you think...Oh I would do that to...well...I wanna believe you but I would wait and see...I think the competition, prizes and today´s egoism would win over you. And let´s be honest what´s your opinion about models? Stupid; Dumbs; Lack of culture; Party girls; etc, etc...
First: Stop judging people before you meet them! Second: Not this one. She´s a next door, former figure skater, with the film-making dream in her head and who knows a book, girl with a loveable personality as you can see here http://peaceofanaleigh.blogspot.com/2009/04/immersion-in-emerson.html

She´s maybe one of the most genuinely persons in the world...and that´s what one of the things that inspires me...she´s the one you would want as a friend; yeah I´m a boy I should say "as a girlfriend" right? But let´s stop daydreaming!...a girl like Analeigh just as a friend would be perfect, because as a girl that I knew in a contest and found her blog is already good; knowing that persons like her still exist nowadays (and this "nowadays" means today´s society in developed countries; such a great subject for another post) makes me wanna go out I find a person like her because if she´s 1 in 100 or 1 in 1000 or 1 in 1 MILLION the other ones must be out there! I´m running out of words (which is good in this case...and it´s sooo late)

To finish; I did some maths (and I really have to end with maths this year!) and if I´m not mistaken (probably it´s a higher number) I spent around 300€ in music last year (that includes albuns, concerts, trips, food, merchandising)...WORTH IT! Looking forward to what 2010 bring to us...well Muse for 58€ in Rock in Rio...a bit expensive...

So as a music lover as you can read and see in my blog I´ll leave you with a song. I know I should start the year with a happy song but...that´s not the case...and here it comes another link for the wonderful blog cause was there that I found this.

Where I found/lyrics: http://peaceofanaleigh.blogspot.com/2009/03/music-through-window.html
Too many links I guess...she looks beautiful in the pics (Yes, I said that to you copy the link and see the lyrics on her blog)

Sad song...with a nice upbeat. A versatile one; even more with a video like that...I wonder how many photos they took...

But... Is there a point to being a slipper but you are alone, with no other slipper to the pair?
Is there a point of being violoncello if don´t get out of your case?
Is there a point to being a girl alone, with no one to love...no one to share life with?

Yeah...It´s my point of view of the song...but I love the name of the song and this verses:

Soon she´s down the stairs
Her morning elegance she wears
The sound of water makes her dream
Awoken by a cloud of steam
She pours a daydream in a cup
A spoon of sugar sweetens up


The thunder makes her contemplate
She hears a noise behind the gate
Perhaps a letter with a dove
Perhaps a stranger she could love

Maybe I´ll write more here this year...we´ll see.

Thanks for your time!

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