29 de setembro de 2010

Do you want the truth or something beautiful?

I like to be creative in my post titles - or at least I try - but this time I chose a song title and yes, it´s from my latest music discover.
Summer is over. Well, not if you live down under in the southern hemisphere. If that´s the case I must warn you that you live upside down.

Was a good Summer - hottest in 49 years...they say - I got a mighty regular job, with the respective mighty good salary. I finally got in college, despite not being as excited as I was in the years where I failed my application, perhaps because this year I knew since January I wouldn´t have problems getting in. The only stressful thing was if I could get in where I wanted...and kudos to me! Last but not least, as a music lover, I couldn´t be happier because I found some amazing talents, being Paloma Faith the last one in the very last day of Summer, and I can finally buy albums on the internet.

Summer is over and looks like good times went away too...at least for this week (meaning last week from this date). I´m writing this in one of several train rides I got in today. I´m gonna tell you something: this country is über-burocratic (über is my new favorite word). My uni thought that having already all the necessary data for transportation purposes in a paper instead filling a blank page was a good idea; the guys from the bus/train companies thought otherwise and had the normal reaction seing that the papers weren´t like the ones last year: they panic and they demand the old ones!

Before all this mess and money spent in trains Sunday I got the news that Katie Melua postponed her whole tour. She was starting here in Portugal in a couple of weeks, tickets were almost sold out weeks before the concert - I have mine for months and now I read that it will have to wait more six months until gets useful. I was really looking forward to it, even more now to distress from all this new life with college and this happened.

This way I want something beautiful so I´ll just close my eyes and make believe...just like I usually do.

Post title: Paloma Faith.

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