29 de setembro de 2010

Mail Box

This is what the mail man has been delivering for the past 4 weeks. Diane Birch was already mentioned so I´ll start with the other girl with pretty hair.

I thought that I´ve also bought her first album (Under The Surface - 2006), but this newbie notice that he ordered the single re-launch (2009)...At least it was cheap and has a cool picture on the cover.

Then I also found this...

Never heard of it (guess Germany, who loves Marit, has the exclusive) but I HAD/MUST to order. And, yes, I´ve watched it a few times by now...she´s so damn talented (try read the lyrics without music...she´s always saying that she fools people with sad lyrics in "bubbly" melodies...and it´s true), also bloody cute and funny - watch Don´t Save Me videoclip making of.

Last, a huge guilty pleasure covered with the excuse this was also a present for my younger sister.

Saw some interviews of her, as I usually do with artists I like, and she´s awesome (read with an aussie accent) and very creative.

The wish list is gigantic. I´ll keep it strict to Tired Pony´s album.
P.S.: Take a listen to this artists: Paloma Faith (Live from Abbey Road), Hurts and Coeur de Pirate...I promise you French never sound so good.

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