8 de novembro de 2010

It´s Music To Your Ears

On a random tweet saying that I had to be a political science expert for tomorrow´s test someone replied me with a random tweet too...with a link to this:

Maybe I was living under a rock but this guy is around for ages and I only knew a cover of Wonderwall from him.

I will definitely search more, and I already took a listen to one of his albums in a store, but I´m already stuck to this one:

So damn good!

And guess who sings "When The Stars Go Blue"? Yup...Ryan Adams.


This week is "texts week" so lots to study (I don´t even remember what´s that already) but in the end of the week (and oh...am I looking forward to that!) I´ll post a weird text that I wrote and finally come back to the reading of Paul Auster´s The New York Trilogy!

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