13 de novembro de 2010

Stand Out Qualities

As a music lover, and I think I can speak for all of us on the following subject, one of the things we like to do is know more from the person, or group of persons, that can move you with a melody and some lyrics in a three and a half minutes timespace. Whether if it´s by tv, radio or reading a magazine you will build an image based in what was said in the interviews and/or actions you take from them. Often that image can be far off, often can be very different from another person who got the exact same "data" and also came up with a certain image.
With this I wanna transcript a DVD finale from a singer that you might have noticed that I quite like her.

"When you write songs you really only feel that you´re worth anything when you just finished a song. All the other days of the year I don´t feel like a songwritter. I´m convinced that I just wrote my last song and it´s never gonna happen again. It´s hard, you only have a very...this sounds so bland, but it´s so very true, you only have a limited amount of notes. You´re trying to make something really unique and you only have these very limited tools that you can use. So sometimes I´m convinced that I´m never gonna be able to do it again, and it keeps me on the ground...keeps me humble. Because I only worth as much as my last song. That´s the way it goes." Marit Larsen

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