1 de agosto de 2011

Recent Illusion

Can please someone, preferably a female specimen, tell me that a couple of conversations with a girl does not make me, or even more important, that person like me in a, let´s say, very interesting way? I know that I´ve just found a singer called Nerina Pallot and that her, now husband, proposed to her after a 30 minutes talk when 31 minutes before they didn´t even know each other but let´s not be naive, that´s an one in a million movie-like event and that dude is a lucky mate. He is. She´s awesome.
Just because the conversations were actually interesting and lasted for some hours let´s not push things forward. I know that even the awkward silences were not that awkward...but that might had happened only on my side. Anyway after one month why do I keep thinking about it? What´s really fun and plain weird is that besides all this I still don´t have the best idea of that person´s personality and at the same time enjoyed her that much. I haven´t seen her after this period of time, we don´t live near each other and on a move that I´m usually awful at I got no reply to a text message I sent (better than receive this one though). Me and my head. I think too much.
And that´s why I think this song can be featured here:

Because that´s me.

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