28 de julho de 2011

The Trailer

Despite being watching a movie every night for the past weeks I´ve never considered myself a good cinema fan. That happens mostly because my cinema-memory is quite awful. Titles, Directors, even which actors were in a certain movie don´t really stick on my head. I have favourite actors but even following their work and go watch at the cinema their latest movie is many times a mission not accomplished. In fact I don´t even go to the cinema that often. Among other reasons my brilliant town has only 2 rooms...which nowadays doesn´t make any sense...and this is not a small town for Portuguese standards.

Anyway I try to pay attention to movie releases and this days with social networking is quite easy to be well informed.
While consulting an online newspaper I saw a reference to the following movie due to the existence of 2 different trailers and 2 different promotion posters because apparently (well...nothing we didn´t know already...) Americans despite throwing liberalism at your face they are the biggest prudes of the modern world and they can´t have a poster with a girl showing her boobs. On a side note here´s another proof of USA´s liberalism
And here´s the trailer: (press 720p for a better experience...and raise the volume)

Now if this isn´t the most badass trailer of a movie you ever saw...

I´ve never heard of this movie before (and there´s already a Swedish version of it...because it´s based on a Swedish trilogy by Stieg Larsson) and also never heard about the books but I wanted to read them as soon as I discovered the movie only comes out later this year thus giving me time to read all three of them.
And meanwhile I´ll try watch the Swedish version too. Just like a new fanboy that hipsters are going to hate. Hipsters...they are awesome. Easy hipsters...I might add that now that I checked the book covers I remember come across this books every time I entered a book store...and that happens quite often. Take that hipsters!
Never thought it was a best seller (there´s where hipsters get mad if you didn´t know) and now sales will go up even more with this movie coming out and having David Fincher directing, Daniel Craig on it and Trent Reznor as soundtrack author of which you can have a taste on this trailer with the collaboration of Karen O (Yeah Yeah Yeahs).
In conclusion looking forward for some good reading and that excitement of knowing that the book that you read will end up on a cinema screen. After all Atonement was great wasn´t it?

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