4 de maio de 2012

Old & New

Me and my sleep deprived mind found a new band and we declare this band fantastic (first things first) and most likely the most sexy one. A duo. The guy is: Johnny Depp. Well, not really but if you click play you´ll see my point. The girl...oozes a ridiculous amount of sexiness... Especially on this performance on Later with Jools Holland

The way she moves.....my sleep deprived mind can´t take this...


On yet more musical shenanigans, and knowing I said I shouldn´t post so many video but don´t giving a damn about that (oh, such a badass), do you remember this girl?

Lisa Mitchell, the girl of "Neopolitan Dreams" is about to release an EP and this is the first single.
I quite fancy her too.

So, there you go.
New sounds I just found and an old, yet very young, Aussie girl that I know for a long time, with new music.

Time to get some sleep.
And by some I mean 5 poor hours.
Maybe the sleep depriveness will make me found more new awesome music tomorrow.

EDIT: This is the kind of things that can happen when you have a sleep deprived mind...

My beloved office chair broke...with a bang. All fixed now ´cause ya know...I´m one of those guys that fixes everything and has a talent to fix all the broke things in a house [/not]

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