30 de abril de 2012

To appreciate, listen and watch

As a fan of photography I use to wonder the corners of the Internet where good photos can be seen, DeviantArt (DA) being one of the listed. Since I started going around DA and looking to the categories I was most interested in - nature, portraits, architecture/urbanism - I end up having a list of photographers I enjoyed more. Many of them decided to create Facebook fanpages so it would be easier to follow their work, now that Facebook has a nice photography layout, and it was there that I found a nice video that I´ve watched countless times already:

You can follow the work of the girl on the video here DeviantArt page and Facebook page . Her facial expressions are fantastic and so is her photography. And she´s kinda pretty...but you knew I would end up on that part of the DA portraits.

But even cooler on that video...

The song used is fantastic! The Joy Formidable - Whirring.

So, I´ve covered the appreciate (photography) part of this post and the listen part.
To the watch part we go.

Do you ever think on going discover the beautiful country that Iceland is...alone? That thought crossed my mind already...but this girl had that thought...and did it:

Fifteen minutes of your life more then well spent!

Have a good week.

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