26 de julho de 2014

How I met you mother - pilot epi.

To Josefina and Vicente

I keep recreating the story in my mind. Not knowing why. Perfecting the details, polishing it. Not like I'm going around telling it to everyone...as much as I wouldn't mind do that...as much as I wish I would do that...as much as I hope someone asks me to tell them. The long version, not the long-story-short one.
Sure everyone has their story and it feels special for them but how many can say it all started with...a Youtube comment? Yes, you've read it well. A XXI century love story. Such a random thing to do this days... Who would have guessed you would find love that way?
I also wonder about the amount of details that, not having gone my - our - way, our paths would never cross. Perhaps not a good mind exercise to do but it helps me realize how lucky I was. 21 and 22. We never found love. So many people crossed our lives. She living near the largest city of the country and studying there...what were the odds? So many chances to be presented to a friend of a friend and ensue love as most stories go and yet we find each other...350km away. You could tell...you could easily tell she was special.
Our minds worked on how it could work... And not spoiling the next episodes, we made it work. She made it work. Not moving mountains as people say but moving cities, to make it happen. And I will forever thank her for that. And tell everyone who has some time to spare how click on "send comment" can change your life.

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