20 de julho de 2014


It´s the same old start...I said I would keep this more updated and it´s even worse than the year before... Oh well, let´s throw the blame to the microblogging shenanigans aka Twitter and Instagram. Ok, I´m to blame...I use those things quite often... But who reads blogs nowadays anyway? Silly people like those ones who still write them probably.

Long story short: Graduated. I´m at the same "Summer job" I got last year. And, about the girlfriend, only one thing changed...I love her even more as I spend more and more time with her.

Not-so-short-story/future plans: The plan is go to Porto, find a job there and stay with the one I love every single day. Nothing would make me more happy than to walk around Porto holding hands with her and going to lots of cool events in the city. I´ll never grow tired of that. Never thought I would come back to that Summer job I mentioned but the guy called again and I´m seeing it as an excellent opportunity to save some money to keep me going for a good while if something goes wrong or the search for a job at Porto goes on for a while. I´d honestly work at whatever place to go home to her every day. I fear so much something can go wrong as money plays a big part in this plans and I don´t have what you can call a skill or a talent (or money saved...), but I guess that´s quite natural...the uni-to-grown-up-get-a-job part of life must be frightening for many. And if it would be like that if I was the old forever-alone-Andre one year ago, imagine how it is now that I found the one I´ve been looking for all my life. It´s silly but she´s my first ever girlfriend and it´s...I don´t know...it just feels so good. It´s that kind of stuff you read like "oh you know, it´s love" but you dismiss it or think it´s lame but then it happens to you and all the it´s the most powerful feeling in the world kind of lame shenanigans make total sense. I try to show her, and tell her, and write her how I feel but it´s just so immense. So overwhelming. You always fear to lose your loved ones but this kind of fear is different. It makes you be a better person, improve, grow up, love better. And that´s what I need to do. Throw all the fears and doubts away and fight for everything go as I (or should I start writing "we"??) planned.

Muuuuuch more could have be said about this last [awesome] months that I would have liked to share in detail. There have been so many days with her that should have been replicated here in detail... They are all in my heart, and in some way I like that some are just between me and her, but you feel like telling the whole world how awesome this feeling is. I know it can sound lame and boring...I was the one thinking that not long ago...but you will see if you haven´t already.

Keep stopping by for this kind of messy-update posts...I think I´m good at them!

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