6 de julho de 2009


Tomorrow I´ll know.
Tomorrow I´ll found.
Tomorrow I´ll discover.
Tomorrow is the day.
Tomorrow I´ll wake up without the alarm clock ringing.
Tomorrow I´ll shake like hell in the morning bath.
Tomorrow I´ll have the exactly same feeling I had one year ago.
Tomorrow I´ll leave home anxious.
Tomorrow I´ll look to the future.
Tomorrow can be one of the happiest days of my life.
Tomorrow can be a sad day.
Tomorrow I can have the biggest smile on my face.
Tomorrow I can sing out loud my favorite songs.
Tomorrow I can dance and jump to the sound of that songs.
Tomorrow I can cry.
Tomorrow I can cry a lot.
Tomorrow I can cry like I never cried before.
Tomorrow I´ll end the wait and I´ll see.
Tomorrow will be the first day of my life.

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