31 de dezembro de 2009


This isn´t to "brag" myself or something similar...


If your words in this little posts captivates me so much I wonder what a book of yours would do...
Actually lately I´m having this fantasy of jumping a decade to see how I would be and come back to the age I´m now to see if I´m taking the right road or if I missed my correct exit to a world of happiness for good.
Then I come back to reality and I see that we have to build our lives every single day and lead it to the our goal...and nobody said it would be easy.

Hope you can chase your passions because you´re an inspiration --so much that I´m writting this comment 9 months after you posted it and the chances of you or anyone read this are not good but I just had to wrote it...even with some english mistakes perhaps :P-- and that´s a quality to be shared!



Actually there´s a mistake...you have to forget one "the" in the end of the first paragraph...I was thinking in writting two different things...

And I recommend you to read this blog...even if some background of the person would be needed...but not extremely necessary.

It´s my last post of the year/decade so have a nice 2009 finale and a great 2010!! More words here next year!

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