4 de julho de 2011

It´s Music To Your Ears

I like to have a story for this musical part of the blog in order to don´t turn it rather blank and with only a YT video on the post. So here we go:

Studying on a city that is not the one where you live you need to have lunch in that city every other day. There´s an whole lot of choices where I study. Canteen, college bars and tons of restaurants/bars/coffee places around it that serve cheap meals to attract students. While growing up I was always lucky enough to not need to eat at the canteen and have grandma´s recipes. Literally.
Despite the nice meals available on my canteen, I decided to go for the shopping mall 5/10 minutes away in a walking distance from my incredibly ugly college campus. It´s probably my favourite one in this land full of them and it´s a nice place to be in. There´s also cheap meals there plus every once in a while I get to have lunch with a friend that works there.

On one of many lunches there I´ve noticed the music played on the sound speakers was rather cool (meaning: stuff that I like). Snow Patrol, Keane, Joss Stone, Paloma Faith(!) among others. But, and after listening to an unknown one several times - yes, they play on repeat - I found myself wondering "Who the hell sounds this very nice Italian song?!" but with a ceiling 15 meters away from my head, where the sound columns are on, it wasn´t easy get the lyrics to google them later.

Thus I decided to arrive home and go search on the Italians charts if the music was there. An Italian song in Portugal is not that usual so this one must be very well known over there to get airplay here. That or you are Laura Pausini or Eros Ramazzotti (our radios loved them back in the day...). But nothing.

Until one day when I was getting out of the mall by the exit college students like me must use - underground parking lot...with a steep exit - and there (yes there´s sound speakers there too...fancy.) I´ve noticed the song was not Italian...but English. *Pokerface followed by facepalm*

Stopped a bit to quickly put some of the lyrics on the phone in time to no one see me staring at nothing in an underground parking because that´s a weird thing to do. I think.

Arrived home just to find out the great singer that is Nerina Pallot. And she´s on that cliché group of singers that for some strange reason don´t get the credit and attention they deserve.

The song:
I know..."how the fuck he thought this was Italian?!"...

She´s also the author of one of the best covers I´ve ever listened to:

Plus she seems a great person. To start she´s an Arsenal fan...with a great sense of humour as you can see in the end of this .

You can also follow her on twitter here for musical info and here to know what´s the latest Ebay item she´s into.

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