12 de julho de 2011

This is, yet again, a musical post

Remember my last post? It was not that long ago. And a bit of scroll down can be a good help for a reminder. Just saying.

I will try fight my usual inclusion of a Youtube video or any sort of links in a word.
This just started and I digress already. Digress is my new favourite word.

It is because 1) I just learnt it 2) was the word I was looking forward to describe my habit of going around in circles before getting to the main point and 3) Nerina Pallot (last post...have you read the first sentence of this post or not?) digresses a lot too as you can see on her blog on Myspace - yes, such thing still exists - and on her homemade videos on nerinapallottv (Youtube channel).

Fourth paragraph is the main point. I´m in absolute awe with Nerina Pallot´s (read "Pallow") music and personality. She´s amazing. If there´s one thing [digress alert] I´ve learnt with "Rage Comics" (no link...Google it) is that I´m not the only person in the world to whom happens or do awkward and strange things. So I´m probably not the only one jumping from passion to passion when it comes to music singers. I´m sorry dear Norge Marit, dear Dutchie Laura, dear Yank Diane but Nerina owns the stage by now. And I just found she used to write some big blog entries on Myspace as mentioned before...and while I´m reading she just keeps growing on me. Even if it was written way back - I usually found this musicians blogs when they stopped writing them long ago...
Her first two albums are on their way. I believe the other two will be soon. They aren´t yet because no Summer job means no money and this way I can also appreciate and give the necessary amounts of play to "Dear Frustrated Superstar" (bold name for a first album) and "Fires" (a masterpiece to who likes this kind of music as told by some [biased] people - Nerina´s fans).

On another note besides naming her son Wolfgang Amadeus (I will totally propose this name to my future wife) - and besides, for what I could gather until now, a proper Arsenal fan - she also has quite a story on how she met her husband. It wouldn´t give such a long story as the show How I Met Your Mother, that´s going up to 8 seasons, but it would sure be quite a fantastic story too. Wouldn´t go much further than a pilot episode when it comes to show duration but would be worth make it. As I found on a comment on a picture with the magazine article about it on her Facebook page "That´s all I ever wanted. That´s all I fear I´ll never get". I can only second that. Yup, is that lame and worth take a look. As told here already and me being such a Ted Mosby (Google it...) I wouldn´t mind at all have such lame moment.

Think this is enough promotion already or I would proceed the digress (overuse of word already?) and rambling on this musical passion until sleep kicks in. And it´s late already. But I believe those records soon on my mail box will be played to [perhaps non-existing] exhaustion because I believe I can listen to "Sophia" on repeat to the rest of my life. It also can be the heat of the moment...

P.S. I feel like I should present you another artist I finally decided to give some attention but I´m not whiling to steal Nerina´s spotlight with a post of her full of videos and complimenting words about her but you really should check Laura Marling. Unbelievable talented! She sure deserves a post with all of that I mentioned. Some other day...some other day.

*update* P.S.1 One of many interesting quotes of Nerina that I found in an old interview but still rather up to date:
"It takes courage to like anything just because you like it, in a world where we’re being told what we ought to like because a majority does, and when being ‘different’ is now much like being the same as everyone else."

*update2* Just read on a blog entry where she digresses on a nomination to an award that her favourite songs of 2007 were Chasing Cars [Snow Patrol] and...(not the very best of them but still!) Supermassive Black Hole by Muse. And some nice words about Arctic Monkeys too. Oh Nerina.

It´s just this. No idea if any more updates will appear here but stay tuned.

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